Why My Phone Is Not Reading My SD card - 6 Fixes

How do I get my Samsung phone recognize my sd card? Why is my HTC phone not recognizing my sd card? How do I fix my sd card not reading?

The Cause - Why my samsung is not reading my micro SD card

The reasons that make android phone unable to read sd card vary.

  • There is incompatible issue between the phone and the micro sd card -> format sd card in phone
  • The micro sd card is not detected after android phone update when the later one has improved security requirements -> factory reset
  • The micro sd card was set to save files for some apps in android phone system, it would become a problem after system upgrade -> factory reset
  • The micro sd card driver is damaged -> update sd card driver in Windows
  • The sd card has logical errors -> repair damaged sd card
  • The sd card has physical damages -> clean with swab
  • The sd card is dead -> buy a new one

6 Solutions - How do I get my Samsung phone to read my sd card?

Here are some basic knowledge that you need to you about your case and its corresponding solutions.

  • Is your sd card new used on the phone for the first time? If YES, then you may format the sd card on the phone storage by formatting sd cardsd card detected not showing up windows 10
  • If it's an old phone and your Samsung phone suddenly stopped recognizing/detecting sd card, you may reset it to phone factory setting and format sd card during the processwipe data and format sd card factory reset
  • Unmount sd card from the android phone by clicking the unmount sd card button on the phone, and then Power off phone, remove sd card, format sd card fat32/fat/exfat and try it on the phone again.unmount sd card phone
  • If it's the sd card that was used on another device for sometime, and your Samsung phone could not recognize it, format it with phone, or you may format the sd card under Windows to different file systems exfat, fat, fat32 or ntfs to see which file system would work on the phone.format sd card to a file system
  • If the sd card was not detected in phone due to driver issue, you may update sd card driver in Windows computer from device manager. (Also read: 4 sd card driver download and install [4 free tools])change sd card drive letter
  • Repair corrupted sd card on Windows computer using cmd chkdsk (Also read: repair damaged sd card with 8 free tools)repair sd card

More ways to fix sd card not readable on android are here: How to make phone recognize sd card


Question: How do I access my sd card on my HTC? How to fix an htc phone that cannot read sd card?

Answer: Pull out the sd card, clean it, try format it to different file system; reinstall the sd card driver on Windows computer; repair sd card with cmd chkdsk; Reset phone htc to factory setting and format sd card during the process.

Question: memory card not detected in mobile and pc how to repair

Answer: It's most likely the sd card driver has error, you may install the lastest sd card driver on computer and then load it again to your phone.

See: sd-card-not-detected-in-pc-disk-management.html

Fix SD card not showing up in android [7 ways]

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Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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