Format Sandisk SD Card on Windows 10, MAC, Camera/Android

Part 1 - Format Sandisk sd memory card fat32/exfat/ntfs on Windows 10

There are many ways to format sandisk memory card ultra, extreme or extreme pro or sandisk compactflash card, sandisk micro sd card, sdhc, sdxc: Windows right click media format option, disk management format, Windows diskpart cmd, free sandisk sd card formatters...

The easiest way to format sandisk sd card is to get it inserted with a card adaptor to a Windows computer, right click format it. (Pro: it allows to select format file system for sandisk sd card fat32/exfat, or even ntfs on the format options in Windows computers)

format sandisk sd card

Or you may format sandisk sd card in your camera, Android phone/device.

format sandisk sd card

Question: Is it able to format sandisk sd card fat32 in Android or camera?
-> The answer: if your sandisk memory card is over 32gb, it would be formatted to be exfat in your device by default, if you want to get it formatted to fat32, you need to get it formatted in Windows computer, like Windows 10.

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Part 2 - Format write protected sandisk sd card

If your sandisk sd card has write protection, it could be removed by diskpart cmd with the following steps.

format sandisk pendrive write protected

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Note: when an sd card is dying, it may turn on its write protection in the end, if the above cmd could not help to remove the sandisk sd card write protection, you may try the following solution.

Part 3 - Can't format sandisk sd card fix

When it is unable to format sandisk sd card, you may force format it with the following ways.

Key FIX - Delete sd card volume in Windows computer disk management, and create a new volume for sandisk sd card

delete sandisk pendrive windows 10 disk management

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Part 4 - Format Sandisk sd card on MAC

If you want to format your sandisk memory card on MAC machine, the 'Erase' function in Disk Utility may work for you.

format sandisk pendrive macFormat sandisk sd card fat32 in Disk Utility with format option MS-DOS(FAT)


  • How to format sandisk sd card for camera
    1. It can be directly formatted on digital cameras under the storage settings. If you want to format sd card in a computer, you may insert it to a computer with an sd card slot or adaptor and then follow the number #1 method mentioned on this page.
  • How to format corrupted sandisk sd card
    1. Formatting corrupted sandisk memory card could be done by sandisk sd card formatters. Or you may know how to force format sandisk sd card.

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