Data Recovery after Diskpart Format or Diskpart Clean

Does Diskpart Format or Clean Erase Data in Windows?

Accidentally cleaned computer hard drive partition that has important files using Windows Diskpart command that did clean, delete, format, or convert partition? Diskpart clean did delete data but they can still be restored by professional undelete tools. Download diskpart recovery software to take lost files back in just 3 steps using iCare Pro Free.

[3 Steps] Recover Data from Diskpart Format or Clean Free

Diskpart is able to do the cleaning by diskpart clean all with just some simple clicks. How to recover data lost by diskpart clean using cmd? The truth is diskpart does not provide recover command. The undelete command can be done with professional tool - iCare Pro Free,

Download Undo Diskpart Tool

Step1. Download iCare Pro Free to recover data after diskpart or no matter what diskpart command you have done: delete, clean, format, convert, combine, or something else?

Install the data recovery software on a different hard drive partition other than the one you just did the diskpart command. Choose 'Deep Scan Recovery', or RAW Drive Recovery.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the partition that you have done the diskpart command for recovery.

wait while scanning

Step3. Preview and recover lost computer partition contents to a different destination storage device.

preview found photo

Download iCare Pro Free

Notes and Tips:

*Before or after performing data recovery processes on this cleaned or formatted Windows PC partition, you are supposed not to save no data on the same hard disk partition in case of data recovery failures.
*Select Partition Recovery mode or other partition related data recovery modes to take your lost back after Diskpart clean or format.
*No matter whether you use Windows Diskpart to format your internal hard drive or external hard drive unexpectedly, format recovery programs always help a lot.

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Backup Data before Applying Diskpart Commands

In case that you will unintentionally or unexpectedly clean or format your PC hard drive with Diskpart command lines, one of your effective ways to avoid drive data loss troubles is to back up all important partition content to several USB hard drives, flash drives, online storage locations or other storage devices.

More about Diskpart Command Lines

Do you just followed the Diskpart commend lines searched over the internet while you are attempt to extend or delete your computer drive partitions for some reasons and don’t know what they do really mean and also bring you data loss at last? Here are some basic knowledges.

  1. The Diskpart Clean order means it would remove all current settings including its data - data lost
  2. The Delete order means it will delete your chosen local disk drive. - data lost
  3. The Diskpart Format or convert means it would change your hard drive or media to something else - data lost
  4. The Diskpart Extend order means it will help you expand your selected partition space - no data lost
  5. And the Exit order means it will take you out from the Diskpart tool, etc.

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Partition Manage Software VS Diskpart

Honestly, for some computer beginners, the Windows Diskpart tool often stands out from other reliable partition managers only since it do not need a PC restarting or rebooting after resetting the drive partitions.

Hence, in comparison of learning and copying a series of unfamiliar Diskpart command lines or orders to manage computer partitions, they are more apt to choose an effective partition managing program which often offers them user-friendly interface to delete, extend, combine or manage partitions freely.

Free and better user friendly partition software are available by the following tools

Last updated on March 28, 2024

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