Diskpart Format Hard disk ntfs/fat32 quick on Windows 10

Which command formats a disk partition?

The answer is: diskpart format command that does the job of disk management using cmd on Windows.

If you want to format an internal hard drive or format external hard drive using cmd diskpart, this tutorial will show you the detailed steps.

diskpart format disk ntfs/fat32/exfat quick Windows cmd

Format a new hard drive or external hdd with diskpart cmd

If your hard drive or portable hdd is a new bought disk, you may try the following steps to get it formatted.

The key: to get it initialized at first and then format.

  • Insert hard disk to computer or connect external hard drive to computer at first
  • Launch cmd from Start -> Run, and type 'diskpart'format disk cmd diskpart
  • Initialize new hard disk with the following cmd in diskpart (the following photo starts with cmd that typed diskpart to get it started.)format new disk cmd diskpart
  • list disk -> select disk * (your new disk) -> attirbutes disk clear readonly -> online disk -> convert mbr
  • format fs=ntfs quick (ntfs can be replaced by fat32 or exfat per your request)

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Alternative: Initialize new disk under disk management

Initialize disk in disk management

Video - how to add, initialize and format a new disk in Windows 10

Diskpart format an old hard disk or external hard drive

If your hard drive or external hard drive is a healthy working disk, try the following steps to get it formatted.

Preparation - Open cmd and type diskpart to get started.format disk cmd diskpart

  • type 'list disk'
  • type 'select disk *'
  • type 'attibutes disk clear readonly'
  • type 'clean'
  • type 'create partition primary'
  • type 'format fs=fat32' or 'format fs=ntfs' (with/without quick; fat32/ntfs/exfat depends on what kind of file system you want; if you have no preferance, just go with ntfs.)

diskpart clean sd card

Format a disk vs format a partition using diskpart cmd

The difference comes with disk may contain more than 1 partition. If a disk is a whole partition itself, then go with the above steps.

If there are more than two partitions on the disk, the above steps would get all partitions formatted.

If you want to format just one partition on the hard disk instead of the whole, you need to go more further with the following steps.

  • run cmd and type diskpart to start
  • list volume
  • select volume * (the one that you want to get it formatted)
  • format fs=ntfs quick

Note: list volume cmd would show all found volumes on your computer and it would be easier for you to select what you want to format, get it selected, and then go with diskpart format fs=ntfs or fat32, or exfat per you need.

Our advice: disk management is much eaiser than diskpart cmd.

Diskpart format disk alternative - disk management

Here we would show you how to use disk management on Windows 10/7 to do the job of Windows 10 format command line to format drive instead of cmd.

  • Format by disk managementformat raw usb flash driveVideo - how to format in disk management
  • Format by Windows explorer right click format optionformat raw usb flash drive

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Cannot format hard drive?

format raw usb flash drive failed

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Is Diskpart Windows 10 disk management command line?

Answer: YES. Windows disk management provides a user interface that is more easier to manage disk volumes while command line diskpart is for advanced professionals. And there is no difference among diskpart Windows editions no matter 7 or 10.

How do I use diskpart to clean and format a drive?

Answer: Diskpart to clean and format a drive? Just go ahead with the following steps.

  • Run cmd and type diskpart to start
  • list volume (a list of drives will show up)
  • select volume *
  • clean
  • format fs=ntfs quick
  • exit

The above steps shows how to clean and format a drive using diskpart cmd on Windows pcs.

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