5 Free Tricks to Fix Files/Folders Can't Be Deleted from USB Flash Drive

Last updated on March 28, 2024

Usually files can be deleted from usb drive by getting them selected, and then right click -> Delete; or simple press the delete button on your keyboard to get them removed. (The truth: files can still be recovered after deleting with free pendrive recovery software.)

Usb drive won't let me delete files, how to delete file in usb that cannot be deleted?

The Problem:

  • Files could not be deleted from the pen drive;
  • Cannot delete folder from flash drive

Method #1 - Remove write protection from usb flash drive

remove write protection by write protect switch

You need to turn off its write protection button if it was set to on protection mode that shows in the above photo.

Method #2 - Remove readonly attribution on its property using cmd

remove write protection using cmd

You may use diskpart to get the readonly property removed with the above steps.

Method #3 - Check every folder or even every file on your flash drive if it was set to read only

When there is one single file that was set to read-only mode, you won't be able to delete folder which includes this read-only file, neither it will fail to format the flash drive.

file is read only

Pen Drive is logically damaged or has physical damage

When the memory stick is damaged logically, mostly it could be repaired when it is only with bad blocks. You may try the following method to get it fixed.

Method #4, Repair it with cmd diskpart

Type "chkdsk /X /f USB drive letter", for example "chkdsk /X /f H", when H is the drive letter of your flash stick.

Run cmd instruction

Method #5, Repair damaged flash drive by Windows error-checking tool.

How to open it? => 'This PC' -> 'Right click flash drive' -> 'Properties'

repair damaged media

Is Formatting Deleting Files from USB Flash

Some users may want to reformat their storage media by formatting it, however formatting is not permanently erasing and files could be retrieved after formatting flash drive.

How to Erase Files Permanently off Flash Drive

You may use the following erase tools to get files permanently deleted.

1. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free

It is a free partition tool, which has the function of wiping disk. This freeware supports to wipe USB disk so that you can use it to clean USB flash drive and make all data unrecoverable.

wipe data on usb

And then assign a level of wiping method.

wipe data on usb

Download Freeware Now


Flash drive won't delete files troubles and sometimes it won't be deleted even after reformatting the usb flash drive or usb disk. It seemed nothing could be done to it just like it draw some kind of magic to get it protected from any change. weird?

There are several situations that files or folders are unable to be deleted on a USB flash memory stick.

  1. USB flash drive has write protection
  2. Pendrive has read-only attribution in property
  3. File/folder is labeled as read-only
  4. Pendrive is logically damaged
  5. Flash drive is totally damage on its chips

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Last updated on March 28, 2024

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