How to Erase/delete/wipe files permanently from USB pen drive/stick to make it unrecoverable

Last updated on 20/04/2018

How do I delete/erase/wipe file/data permanently/completely in pendrive/USB flash drive/thumb drive/flash memory without/beyond recovery to make it unrecoverable/prevent data recovery so that no one can ever recover it/it cannot be recovered?

Answer: You can erase your data permanently in a pendrive to make it unrecoverable/prevent data recovery with any of following solutions.

Solution – how to erase files permanently without recovery pendrive?

You can wipe a USB thumb drive permanently/completely without following methods:

1. Use an erase tool
2. Overwrite the USB after deleting files
3. Make the USB physically damaged

Permanently Delete Files from Flash Drive Using Erase Software

One way to erase all data from a flash drive permanently is to use erase software. Below are some free erase tools, which are able to erase data completely and make it unrecoverable from USB:

1. IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free

It is a free partition tool, which has the function of wiping disk. This freeware supports to wipe USB disk so that you can use it to clean USB flash drive and make all data unrecoverable.

2. CCleaner

You can download and install CCleaner free version on your PC and use it to erase pen drive permanently.

3. Eraser

There is free open source Eraser that is also able to erase a pen drive for free.

4. EraseTools

EraseTools is a free eeraser that can be used in Windows OS for disk erasing. You can use this tool to erase hard disk or USB disk.

Overwrite USB after Deleting Files to Prevent Data Recovery from USB

If the deleted files were overwritten by new data, they will become unrecoverable from USB.


After deleting files, you can add any new data to the USB pen drive. When the space used to save deleted data is overwritten by new added data, it will be erased permanently and cannot be recovered anymore.
Although it sound easy to write new data to overwrite the deleted data to make it unrecoverable, it is difficult to handle because you never know which space the new added data will occupy on your pen drive.

For instance,

Let us suppose that the USB drive has various sectors named a, b, c, d, e, f…

If deleted files were saved to a and b sectors, but the new data is written to d and e sectors, the deleted data would not be overwritten.


Write as much data as possible to the USB to make it full so that every sector would be occupied.

Make Pen Drive Physically Damaged So No One Can Recover It

If you do not want to use the pen drive anymore, but you are afraid that somebody gets it would recover deleted private information from it, you can physically damage the pen drive so that nobody can recover any data from it.

How to Make Sure Deleted Files Can't Be Recovered

Do you think that data is permanently deleted when you are unable to see it in your pen drive? How to make sure that the files are deleted permanently and can no longer be restored?

Answer: Data gets erased/deleted permanently only when it is overwritten by new added data.

It only erases the data from table address and makes the data invisible when you simple delete files from a USB, in which situation a data recovery tool like iCare Data Recovery Pro Free Edition is able to restore all deleted files.


With an eraser tool or if you can write as much data as possible to the pen drive or the pen stick is physically damaged, usually the data would be deleted forever and cannot be recovered anymore when pen drive not showing after physical damage.

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