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How to repair corrupted sd card when it is not accessible? Watch this video for repairing damaged micro sd card.

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FAQ: My SanDisk Micro SD Card Is Not Accessible

"Today after plugging my SanDisk micro SD card 4GB to my computer, the device as a removable disk H: in My Computer. But when I double click the micro SD card, Windows pops up a message to say H:\ is not accessible, access is denied. I receive the same message when trying to access the micro SD card under Disk Management. Inserting the card to my phone, I still cannot access the card because it says there is no valid media. I am wondering if I can get any help to access the micro SD card without hurting the data stored on it. Or micro SD card deleted files recovery when access to it is denied?"

This user run into the situation, in which SanDisk micro SD card is not accessible but reports access is denied error message. (Showing as the image on the right side)


  • SanDisk micro SD card shows warning information access is denied
  • You are unable to open, read, write, copy, delete or modify any file or folder on the SanDisk micro SD card

When PC pops up the Windows containing alert that device is inaccessible, you can follow two steps to fix the problem, namely recovering data and repair the corrupted sd card.

Possible Reasons That SanDisk Micro SD Card Is Not Accessible

When a micro SD card can work normally, you can open it and access files on cell phone and computer. However, if a micro SD card becomes not accessible, it may stop working on all devices. Usually, a micro SD card might be not accessible due to following reasons:

  1. Micro SD card virus infected
  2. There are bad sectors on the micro SD card
  3. The ownership has changed, so you do not have permissions to access the SanDisk SD card
  4. SD card is corrupted
  5. Micro SD card is physically damaged due to improper operation or other reasons
  6. More other unknown reasons

Those are possible but not all reasons that can make an SD card inaccessible.


>>Quick Solution for Inaccessible SanDisk MicroSD Card

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to restore data from SanDisk micro SD card which becomes not accessible becuase PC reports access is denied.

SanDisk Micro SD Card Recovery Software Free Download

An inaccessible micro SD card makes almost everybody upset, especially when the card contains lots of important data. Micro SD card recovery software can helps resolve the problem, because it allows you to get back data from any type of storage device even if it becomes inaccessible or unreadable. This software allows you to recover videos, pictures, audio files, office files and any other type of files from not only SanDisk micro SD card but also other brands of card like Samsung, Toshiba, Lexar, Transcend, Kingston, Kingmax, Maxell, Panasonic and more. If you are unfortunately run into the situation that SD card is not accessible, you can connect it to your computer and follow the guide below to fix lost files now..

Steps to Recover Data from SanDisk Micro SD Card When Access Is Denied

download usb recovery software

Step1. Download and install the SD card recovery software to your computer after plugging the micro SD card. Then, run the software and choose a restore mode.

select recovery
Step2. You need to choose the SanDisk micro SD card as aim disk to scan

select drive
Step3. preview the files and recover.

recover files

download usb recovery software

When you receive those messages, you will also be unable to access the micro SD card. Fortunately, the micro SD card recovery software, namely iCare Data Recovery Pro, can work for data recovery from inaccessible micro SD card in all those situations.

You can format your device when all data is restored. If you mistakenly format the SanDisk micro SD card you still have chance to recover lost files from formatted microSD card by a effective data recover tool.

Fix SanDisk Micro SD Card Access Denied on Windows

You can fix access denied problem on SanDisk micro SD card on Windows PC for different reasons. To fix access denied problem on SanDisk micro SD card, here are two common situations:

Situation 1: If SanDisk micro SD card is physically damaged, you may need to contact the manufacturer to repair it. It is recommended you to buy a new one if the card is out of the warranty period.

Situation 2: If the SanDisk micro SD card just becomes not accessible due to some other reasons like file system corruption, virus infection, bad sectors, etc, you can do it yourself to fix the problem with following methods.

1. Take ownership and permissions

You can take ownership and permissions by right clicking the inaccessible SanDisk micro SD on PC > select "Properties" > click "Security" tab > click "Edit" to change permissions (or click "Advanced" for special permissions or advanced settings)

2. Share drive to get permissions

You can share the micro SD card to get permissions: Right click the card > select "Properties" > click "Share" tab > click "Advanced" > select "Share this folder" and click "Permissions" button > add "Everyone" and select "Full Control" > click "Apply" button

3. Run CHKDSK to repair the inaccessible SanDisk micro SD

CHKDSK command is able to fix the access denied problem on your SanDisk micro SD card by typing chkdsk: h:/f (replace h: with the drive letter of the SD card)

4. Change drive letter of SanDisk micro SD card

Open Disk Management and right click the SanDisk micro SD > select "Change drive letter and paths" > assign a new drive letter to the micro SD card following the wizard (please do not assign an existing drive letter to the card)

5. Run antivirus software to scanning SanDisk micro SD card

You had better run an antivirus program on PC to scan the inaccessible SanDisk micro SD card to check and erase viruses, Trojan and spyware hidden on the card.

6. Format the SanDisk micro SD card in Windows Explorer, Disk Management or using Diskpart from command line

There are different ways to format a memory card, so just have a try with any method you know to format the inaccessible SanDisk micro SD card. In addition to formatting it on PC, you can also format it on your Android phone. Please format the SanDisk micro SD card to proper file system (usually FAT32) to ensure that it can work normally after formatting.

If is not available, you can try CMD command prompt to fix it, you need to take out the SD card, and insert it into computer, and run CMD to fix it. Run CMD by pressing “Win+R” and then type“format l: /fs:ntfs”(l is the drive letter of your raw SD card)

Repair corrupted SD card with CMDRepair corrupted SD card with CMD

All methods recommended here are available for Windows OS for access denied repairing for SanDisk micro SD card.

Recommend: Access is denied fix>>

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