How to Recover Video from SD Card on PC/Android/MAC Free

Accidentally deleted video from sd card? Video files are all gone from the sd card? Don't worry, this guide shares ways to undelete videos from sd card free with/without computer on Windows pc, Android phone, and MAC.

Before this guide, here are some scenarios of video deleted or lost on memory card.

  1. Deleted videos on camera/phone sd card by accident
  2. Video files not showing up on sd card
  3. Missing video files on sd card
  4. Videos were gone due to inaccessible sd card, sd card error, formatted sd card by mistake...
  5. Video player cannot play recovered sd card video

Take the sd card out of the device, and get it inserted to a pc for instance to start safe recovery with the following free tools no matter what happened to your camera/phone/digital device sd card, sdhc, sdxc, micro sd card, you should stop using the sd card immediately on the device to avoid data overwritten.

Part1: Retrieve deleted videos from sd card free with free software on pc

iCare Data Recovery Free is a 100% free sd card recovery tool on Windows PC that you may use it to retrieve deleted videos, images from the sd card.

Why iCare Data Recovery Free?

It's equiped with advanced file recovery compared with other simple undelete tools, and yet it is easy to use with user friendly interface and it only needs a few clicks to perform a DIY sd card video recovery online on your pc.

recover files

Download Free

Steps to undelete videos from sd card free on Windows 11/10/7

  • Download the above free tool on your Windows pc, unarchieve it and open it (It has a portable version that does not need installation)
  • Insert your sd card to pc with a memory card reader (Required, if it's a desktop that does not have sd card or micro sd card slot)
  • Run the free tool, select Advanced File Recovery if the cause of the video loss is complicated, not simple deletion
  • Save the found video onto another storage drive other than the memory card itself

Note: Many other free tools may fail to restore the deleted videos since the videos usually dominated a lot of spaces and are in large size.

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Recover deleted videos from sd card without computer with app on Android

Free tool DiskDigger may help if you want to restore the deleted videos from sd card on android mobile phone. Before the recovery, here are some tips.

  • Better prepare a usb to save the found videos (Get the usb connected to phone via an OTG cable); or you may save the video from the sd card to phone internal memory to avoid data overwritten.
  • Saving the video from the sd card to the same sd card would result in permanent data overwritten that can no longer be restored by any tool or service
  • It's more safer to recover video from sd card on a computer than the mobile


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How to recover deleted videos from sd card on MAC

If it's a mac computer that you want to restore the deleted videos, you may insert the sd card to MAC, and then download the following free mac sd card recovery tool which is just one free among several free mac data recovery tools.

Download Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

mac data recovery free

Note: There is no recuva for mac when some users may know a well known free tool that has both free version plus paid versions.

Other FAQs

Question: How do I recover deleted videos from sd card online

Well, you may use the free tools on this page to perform a DIY sd card video recovery by your own since there are no sd card recovery online service available.

Question: How to recover deleted video from gopro sd card

Here are the steps to recover videos from Gopro micro sd card.

  • Take the micro sd card or sd card out of the Gopro camera, and insert it to pc with a card reader
  • Download the above free sd card video recovery tools on pc, and run it, select the sd card as target for recovery
  • Save data from the sd card to another drive for data safety

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Question: Can I recover deleted photos and videos from my SD card?

Yes, not only video files but also images that can be restored by free recovery tools when the data were not overwritten by new files on the sd card.

Question: how can I recover deleted videos from my sd card for free with software?

Free tool such as iCare Data Recovery Free, Recuva etc can help restore deleted videos from sd card free on Windows computers.

Features of video storage on sd card

  • It is usually large in size that took many blocks on the sd card which would be difficult for some tools to undelete videos from sd card
  • Some simple tools does not have the ability to restore raw images, raw videos from the sd card

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