How to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory Stick Duo Pro - 2 free ways


Deleted photos from Sony Camera memory stick or memory stick duo pro? Lost images from Memory Stick due to format, raw, unreadable, undetected memory stick or memory stick pro? Stop taking no more photo/video. And then restore data with professional memory stick recovery tool.

memory stick

Part1 - Free to recover photos from Memory Stick using cmd without software


  • A computer with Windows installed since cmd is provided by Windows operating system.
  • A memory card reader to get memory stick connected and recognized in a computer as a volume

Note: Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter for laptop/desktop

This following image may show you what device you may use to get memory stick connected to pc.

memory card adaptor

This following command prompt is able to help retrieve photos videos from memory stick, memory stick pro duo when the data were removed by virus or unknown causes.

Key: attrib -h -r -s/s /d *.*

How to use it?

  1. Step 1: Run cmd from Start -> Start Run, and type 'cmd' and press enter key or OK to get going
  2. Step 2: Insert your memory stick to pc, and open THIS PC to find out which drive letter it has for the following use, here we suppose the memory stick shows as drive F in a computer as an example
  3. Step 3: Type F: and press enter key in the command prompt window
  4. Step 4: Type attrib -h -r -s/s /d *.* and press enter key

cmd pen drive recovery

Note: If your memory stick or memory stick pro duo shows drive E, you may replace the first command line to be E: and press enter

Not working? Yes, it's true that if your images, videos were deleted by mistake, formatted by mistake, or other data losses due to personal misoperations, the cmd command prompt would not work, then you need to try the following third party tool that can help retrieve data from memory stick due to various kinds of causes including personal fault operations.

Part2 - Sony/Sandisk Memory Stick Recovery Tool (Pro duo included)

This following third party tool is able to help retrieve data from memory stick pro duo for free with its three recovery options that suit most data loss scenarios.

Preparation: Insert SONY memory stick pro duo to pc with a card reader for example.

Step1. Download the memory stick undelete tool and then start recovery. Choose a recovery option: Deep Scan Recovery

select recovery mode

Step2.   Choose the memory stick in this step and the tool would start a free scanning that may take about 5 to 30 minutes depending on how much data storage your memory stick has.

wait while scanning

It would show found data after the scanning if you click NEXT.

Step3. Save data from memory stick to a computer for data safety.

preview found photo

Common Memory Stick Data Loss Causes

Sony memory stick or memory stick pro duo is developed by Sony to store its digital photographic or video clips, however these data can be removed duo to the following causes.

  • Formatted sony memory stick pro duo by mistake on camera
  • Deleted images on the camera
  • The sony memory card/stick is no longer working on camera
  • The sony memory stick cannot show up in computer
  • The memory stick is damaged

Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

Sony memory stick pro duo is a flash memory card produced by Sony, which has a capacity of 1GB together with other capacities such as ms 32gb memory stick pro duo, 4GB, 16gb, 2GB 128MB etc.

It can be found in the following stores

Question: How do I open a Sony memory stick pro duo?

Answer: Insert the Sony memory stick to a computer with a card reader, which you need to buy or borrow it from a friend

Question: Can you recover deleted items from a memory stick?

Answer: Yes, deleted items including photos, videos can be restored from a memory stick if you connect it to a computer and download the memory stick recovery tool for help.

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