Olympus RAW ORF Image Recovery

There are many scenarios users may want to recover Olympus orf raw images:

Recovering Olympus raw images can be done in various scenarios, depending on the situation and the cause of the data loss. Here are a few different scenarios and the corresponding steps you can take to recover your Olympus raw images:

Notes: Please stop using the Olympus camera and take the memory card out of the camera right away to avoid data being overwritten since when you continue using the camera to save new images or videos on the memory card it is exactly the way to remove the data permanently.

Accidental deletion

Check the recycle bin or trash folder on your camera or computer. If you find the deleted Olympus raw images there, restore them to their original location by right clicking the trashed files, and then restore to their original locations.

If the raw images are not in the recycle bin or trash folder, you can use data recovery software such as iCare Data Recovery Free, Recuva, or PhotoRec. Connect your camera or memory card to your computer, run the software, and follow the instructions to scan for and recover the deleted raw image files.

Formatted memory card

Stop using the memory card immediately to avoid overwriting the lost data.

Use a reliable data recovery program specifically designed for photo recovery, such as Stellar Photo Recovery, Disk Drill, or R-Studio. Connect the formatted memory card to your computer and follow the instructions provided by the software to perform a deep scan and recover the Olympus raw images.

Corrupted memory card or file system

  • Remove the memory card from your camera and try connecting it to a computer using a card reader.
  • Use data recovery software like the ones mentioned above to scan the memory card and attempt to recover the raw image files. Select the desired recovery options, such as raw file formats, to enhance the chances of successful recovery.
  • If the data recovery software fails to retrieve the images, you can also consider professional data recovery services. These services specialize in recovering data from physically damaged or severely corrupted storage media.

Memory card errors or file system issues

  • Use the camera's built-in tools to check and repair the memory card or file system errors. Refer to your camera's user manual for instructions on how to perform this task.
  • If the camera's tools are unable to fix the issues, connect the memory card to your computer and use disk repair utilities like Disk Utility (Mac) or CHKDSK (Windows) to scan and repair any file system errors. Be cautious while using these utilities to avoid accidental data loss.

Remember, in any data loss situation, it's crucial to stop using the affected storage device immediately to prevent further data overwriting. Additionally, regularly backing up your Olympus raw images to multiple locations, such as external hard drives or cloud storage, can help prevent permanent data loss and simplify the recovery process.

Guide to Retrieve RAW ORF Photos for Free

Recovering raw images can be done with professional recovery tools such as iCare Data Recovery Free. Here are the steps to operate a DIY recovery.

Preparations: You should connect the media that contains the lost RAW ORF photos to a Windows computer. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on this computer and then follow guide below:

Download iCare Free

Step1. Run the software and select a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the drive to scan and you only need to wait patiently.

wait while scanning

Stpe3. Preview files after scanning and save ORF images to another media.

preview found photo

Cannot Open an ORF Image

ORF is a RAW image format that is only used in Olympus digital camera. If you want to open an ORF image, you have to install image viewer or editor that supports this type of image format. The most common used programs that support ORF image format are Olympus Viewer and Adobe Photoshop, so you can install either of them if you have not installed any photo viewer that is compatible with ORF image format.

Convert Olympus ORF Pictures to JPG

A photo viewer or editor does not only support a type of image format, so you can open the Olympus ORF pictures on the photo viewer such as Olympus Viewer or Adobe Photoshop and then save it as JPG format if you want to convert ORF image to JPG format.

About ORF Image Format

ORF is an unprocessed and uncompressed RAW image format that is used in Olympus digital camera, so Olympus digital camera RAW images are usually stored with .orf as filename extension. You can modify a RAW ORF image including its white balance, saturation values, exposure, etc later after taking photos.

Last updated on March 28, 2024

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