Formatting an SD Card Showing Wrong Capacity

Your SD card shows wrong capacity on computer or other devices? For example, you have a 2GB SD card, but it only shows 60MB or even 0 byte? You want to format the SD card back to original storage capacity? This article would guide you to recover data after formatting an SD card which is showing incorrect capacity.

sd card wrong capacity SD card shows wrong capacity

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You are not the first person that meets the problem. On different forums, you can find thousands of related questions. Here we list three of them:

"I have an 8GB SD card for my Nikon digital camera, but it shows wrong capacity only about 100MB. Just now, when I wanted to copy some pictures to the SD card, my camera said there is not enough storage memory. Then, I realized that my 8GB SD card only shows 100MB capacity. Can you tell me what is wrong and how to fix the problem with data back?"

"Please give me a few seconds to read my question. My 64GB SD card has changed to RAW file system and show 0 byte space. I have reinserted the card to my Android phone for many times and also tried to connect the card to my laptop, but the similar problem exists. How can I format an RAW SD card without losing data? Or How to recover deleted files from SD card after formatting?"

"I need some help please because I cannot access my SanDisk SD card. SD card requires formatting and shows blank space. I have stored about 1GB data on this card, but it says there is 0 byte space on the card. Where is my data? Is there any way to recover files from unformatted SD card?"

If you can still access the SD card which does not show correct capacity, please copy all important data and move it to another healthy device immediately. Back up your SD card before it stops working completely.

Why SD Card Shows Wrong Storage Capacity?

An SD card might show incorrect storage capacity due to following reasons:

1. You got an expansion card

Expansion card refers to the memory card that shows larger capacity than it should have had using illegal software. For example, the SD card only has 1GB storage capacity, but some manufacturers make it show as an 8GB SD card. Although it shows 8GB storage capacity, it can only be used to store 1GB data. When you store more than 1GB data to the card, the data might become corrupted or lost. Therefore, you should buy copyrighted SD card or other types of memory card. Never buy some fake SD card that is much cheaper than it should be.

2. SD card is infected with virus

Virus can spread and hide in your SD card, which may occupy storage capacity on your card. When an SD card is attacked by virus, it may show wrong capacity.

3. SD card is corrupted

If an SD card is damaged, it may also say wrong storage size. For example, if the file system of SD card is corrupted turning to RAW, you will find its capacity would show 0 byte.

How to Restore an SD Card to Full Capacity?

If you bought an expansion card, you cannot fix the problem. If the SD card shows wrong capacity due to virus infection or file system corruption or other logical failures, you can restore full capacity of SD card by formatting it with following methods:

1. Format SD card back to original storage size in camera/phone/pc

Most of time, you can restore the SD card back to full capacity by formatting it. It is able to repair the problem by formatting the card on any device as long as it can be compatible with your SD card. For instance, if you want to format an SD card in Windows, you just need to right click it showing in Windows Explorer or Disk Management and then select "Format" option.

2. Diskpart to format SD memory card

You cannot use diskpart to format the SD card which shows wrong capacity when SD card won’t format to correct size in Windows Explorer or other digital device.

Here is a related Case:

My 8GB SD card shows as two volumes in Windows 8. One volume shows 56MB capacity healthy, and the other one shows about 7GB as unallocated space. PC only allows me to format the partition that has 56MB capacity, but disables me to extend the partition by adding the 7GB unallocated space to it. I cannot format the unallocated volume, either. – A user from

In this situation, you can try to reformat the SD card using diskpart command.

Recommended: Diskpart to format SD card>>

3. Use SD card formatter tool to reclaim it back to original capacity

SD card formatter tools are able to format a corrupted SD card when simple formatting or diskpart cannot accomplish the task, but it probably cause further damage to your SD card. Therefore, do not frequently reformat an SD card using format software.

Recover Files after Formatting SD Card Saying Incorrect Capacity

You realize the data loss after formatting an SD card saying wrong size? Formatting erases everything but not forever, so you can run iCare Data Recovery Pro to unformat SD card for lost files. This software is able to restore data when SD card shows an incorrect capacity without displaying any data or undo format SD card for file recovery when you reformat the SD memory card trying to fix the wrong size problem. Free download format recovery software – iCare Data Recovery Pro and follow the guide below for SD card recovery:

download data recovery software

Step1. Run the data recovery software and select a recovery module.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the SD card and let the software scan it for lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. You are allowed to preview found files and recover the files you need.

preview found photo

download data recovery softwareFree download iCare Data Recovery Pro

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