How to convert/change usb pen drive raw to ntfs


USB flash drive or external hard drive becomes inaccessible and shown as raw drive? Don’t worry, you can convert usb drive raw to NTFS without formatting or data loss.

How to convert usb flash raw to NTFS?

“My usb flash drive becomes inaccessible when I try to open it on my computer, and the system ask me to format it, I don’t want to lose the data, is there any way to fix the raw drive without formatting?”

Raw flash drive or hard drive error can be very normal when you use the removable hard drive, it will lead to the data loss on the hard drive and make the hard drive inaccessible.

Fortunately, this problem is not impossible error, you can fix the error with some solutions here.

First, formatting is the easiest solution to convert raw to NTFS. you can format the hard drive if there is no important data on the device, then you can convert the raw file system ntfseasily.

But if Windows fails to complete the format or you have important data on the device, you can try another solution. CMD command prompt can also covert raw to NTFS or FAT32. But this solution is similar to formatting, so you still need to recover data first if you need them.

Recover data from raw usb drive

If you have needed data on the raw drive, you can try a data recovery software like iCare Data Recovery, which is a professional data recovery program with 100% security. It can recover all kinds of data, you can use it on all the removable storage device.

If you are Windows users, you can free download it here.

Steps to recover data from raw drive without data loss

Step1: Free download iCare Data Recovery, run this program on your computer.

Step2: Enter “Deep Scan Recovery” module, select the raw hard drive to scan.

Recover data from raw drive without data lossRecover data from raw drive without data loss

Step3: Preview the found data, and select needed to recover. Save to another drive.

Recover data from raw drive without data lossRecover data from raw drive without data loss

Now your data is safe.

You need to remember, do not save the data on the raw hard drive again before you fix the raw drive.

And do not put any data on the raw hard drive before you recover the data, rewriting the hard drive will makes it harder to recover data.

Change raw to ntfs with CMD command prompt without formatting

After recovering the data, you can use CMD command prompt to convert raw to NTFS without formatting.

CMD command prompt is a Windows system tool to perform a lot of operations on your system.

Step1: Run CMD.

Change raw to ntfs with CMDChange raw to ntfs with CMD

Step2: Type“format X: /fs:ntfs”(X is the drive letter of your raw hard drive)

You can also convert raw file system to FAT32, just change “ntfs” into “fat32” in the command line.

Change raw to fat32 with CMDChange raw to fat32 with CMD

Then you can convert raw to NTFS or FAT32 without formatting or data loss.

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