"Card Not Initialized" Error 6 Fixing for CF SD XD Memory Card


My Sandisk compact flash card displayes 'card not initialized' error on digital camera, and cf card shows not initialized in computer Windows 10 in disk management when it is connected to computer, and the cf card is not formatting when I tried to open it.

memory card not initialized recovery

Not only Sandisk cf card, sandisk sd card has card not initialized error, but also it happened to some other brands like Finepix s7000 new 4gb cf card said not initialized, fujifilm compact flash card reported not initialized error.

The error was brought by incompatible file system when the memory card is over 4GB which can only hold 2gb memory card at most as the file system only supports fat32 with this camera.

What does memory card not initialized mean?

  1. For a new memory card, it means you need to get it ready for data storage and format it compatible with your device;
  2. For an old used memory card, it means your memory card is damaged with its head or file system that the device could no longer use it for data storage that you need to repair its damaged file system.

memory card not initialized recoveryCF/SD shows not initialized in computer disk management if you connect it to a laptop or desktop

This card not initialized error may happen to many digital cameras including Fujifilm, FineFix...

How Do I fix the card not initialized error - 6 ways

#1 - Turn off and on the camera when inserting the new memory card in your camera

This is an experience reported by user when he fixed the cf card not initialized error by turning off the camera when new memory card was inserted.

I have purchased a new 128MB SimpleTech Compact Flash and later a 128MB Sandisk Smart Media card. Upon inserting them and choosing it through 'Primary Media' on the setup menu I initially received a 'card not initialized' error. BUT.... All I have ever had to do was to turn the camera 'off' RIGHT AFTER changing the 'Primary Media' setting and the card is THEN recoginized by the camera. Additionally, I find it is necessary to turn the camera off/on each time I switch between either installed card.
I believe many of the problems are created when one decides to 'format' the new card (I have never had to perform a format on a new card yet) - I strongly suggest you follow the on/off procedure PRIOR to the 'format' option if you try/buy a new card.


#2 - How to initialize memory card cf/sd/xd with camera

How do I initialize my SD card for my camera? If this is what you concerned about, you may follow this video to get your sd card initialized for your camera.

Initializing the Camera
  1. Power on the camera, and select "Menu," then "Settings."
  2. Select "Main Settings," then "Initialize." Select "OK," and press the center button on the control wheel.

What does it mean to initialize a memory card?

The truth - Initializing sd/cf card is kind of formatting that would resolve most incompatible problem between camera and memory card and formatting storage card in camera/digital device would be the first choice to resolve the problem.

How to initialize memory card in camera Canon as an example?

memory card not initialized fixInitialize cf/sd in camera

memory card not initialized fixInitializing is to format cf/sd in camera and erase all old files for an old memory card

There is a detailed guide that you may format the memory card in camera on this page https://support.usa.canon.com/kb/index?page=content&id=ART143567

Cannot initialize sd/cf card with camera? Format it on a computer to get it work -> See solution #3.

#3 - Format sd/cf not initialized error on computer with right click format

If the memory card could not be initialized in your video recorder, camera, or other digital devices, you may try formatting it in a computer, Windows 10 computer for example.

  • Connect your memory card to a computer with a card reader
  • Right click the memory card in 'This PC' -> Format, and then you will see the format options

memory card not initialized fix by right click formatSD/CF not initialized fix by right click format

#4 - Initialize sd/cf by diskpart cmd

memory card not initialized fix by cmdSD/CF not initialized fix by cmd

Still did not work? Try the solution #5

#5 - Format sd/cf by diskpart

Connect your memory card to a Windows computer with a card reader.

  • Start cmd and type diskpart
  • list disk
  • select disk * (You need to replace * with the drive letter of your memory card)
  • clean
  • create partition primary
  • format fs=ntfs quick, or format fs=fat32 quick (to format your sd/cf with fat32/ntfs file system as per your demand, or even FAT if you like.)

memory card not initialized fix by cmdSD/CF not initialized fix by diskpart clean format

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#6 - Card Not Initialized Data Recovery

When your memory card was not initialized in your device, it would be a bad day for an old memory card when there were files inside of the card, here we would recommend you start free sd/cf card recovery with iCare Pro Free to retrieve files from the memory card.

>> SD card Recovery -100% Safe

Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to rescue files from memory card without formatting. It only takes a few steps to bring data from damaged memory card.

recover files

SD Card Not Initialized Mac Fix

When sd card is not reading on MAC, or sd card reader not working on MACOS High Sierra, formatting sd card on MAC disk utilities would often work if you click erase button on the utilities. Here are the steps.

  • Insert sd card in MAC with camera/card reader
  • Open Disk Utility, right click the memory card, and select option 'Format'
  • Choose FAT file system for your sd card or exfat and confirm the formatting which would lead to an sd card initialization for your camera sd card on MAC.

card not initialized mac fix

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Other FAQs

???Does formatting a microsd card delete everything when initializing?

Yes, it deletes every file and files could not be restored without professional recovery tools like iCare Pro.

???What does sd card not initialized meaning in camera?

-> When camera Nikon/Canon/Fujifilm or other camera said card not initialized, it means the sd card or cf card or xd card could not go well with the camera with incompatible file system that you need to get it recognized by initializing or formatting. This could be done by camera/device or in a computer.

??card not initialized fuji xt20, card not initialized fujifilm finepix s2950? fujifilm finepix s2940wm card not initialized? Card not initialized fuji xt3?

How to initialize a memory card on Fujifilm finepix? ->When it shows card not initialized in your video recorder or camera, do not initialize in the camera when there are important files in the sd/cf card since the initializing would erase all files on the memory card. You need to recover data from the memory card at first, and then follow the above solutions to get it fixed.

???card slot not initialized, card slot not initialized 4650?

-> Card slot not initialized is a typical problem that may happen to device Networked HP 5550 displaying "card slot not initialized"; cannot print.

HP service reported this problem with this solution.

>My networked LaserJet 5550 printer displays a 'card slot not initialized' error and will not print. 

And here is one for the 5550:


"Use the instructions in the manual for initializing the hard drive, but remove the actual hard drive that machine has installed first."

From tech Service Manual:

To initialize the hard disk

  1. 1. Turn the printer on.
  2. 2. When the Memory Count appears on the display, press and hold the MENU button.
  3. 3. When the LED's are all on and steady, release the MENU button.
  4. 4. Press and release the button. You should now see INITIALIZE DISKS on the control panel.
  5. 5. Press and release the button.

Source: https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printers-Archive-Read-Only/Networked-HP-5550-displaying-quot-card-slot-not-initialized/td-p/6022618

Video - How to format sd card in Fujifilm camera?

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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