Hard Drive Not Initialized IO Device Error

The disk shows unknown not initialized in disk management and many users know it is time to get it initialized. The initializing could be done in disk management and not all of them would be performed successfully.

The Error Message - IO Device Error when trying to initialize damaged disk

The problem Scenario #1 : a photo shows disk unknown not initialized

Disk 1 unknown not initializedDisk 1 unknown not initialized

When you try to initialize it in Disk Management by the following steps, the problem scenario 2 came up with error 'The request could not be performed because of an io device error'

Initialize disk in disk managementInitialize disk in disk management

The problem Scenario #2 : a photo shows disk cannot be initialized with Virtual disk manager 'The request could not be performed because of an io device error'

Disk 1 unknown not initialized io device errorThe request could not be performed because of an io device error

What is I/O Device Error?

IO here means input output error. It is the way to write data onto the disk, copy or cut data from the disk to somewhere else. When media is with io device error, it means the disk cannot be accessed no matter reading or writing.

The reason why io device error came up while initialing the disk would mostly be write protection that makes the disk cannot be modified on moving and writing.

4 Ways to fix external hard drive not initialized io device error

Mostly external hard drives are used as backup storage media for personal or work files and it could also become corrupted due to various kinds of causes,

  1. Some virus infections (The virus that likes making damages to the partition table, disk MBR etc.),
  2. Improper unplug and removal (Even without safe removal mode)
  3. Other unknown damages, bad sectors
  4. Physical damages...

Here are 4 ways that you may use for fixing the disk initialize failure with io device error in disk management or disk failed to initialize by software.

Fix #1 - Fix disk cannot be initialized io device error using cmd [Efficient]hot tips

Here are steps to clear disk readonly attribute using cmd diskpart to remove the disk io device error

Diskpart fix disk unknown not initializedDiskpart fix disk unknown not initialized

Open cmd and then type diskpart to get it ready for user

  • Type 'list disk'
  • Type 'select disk *'
  • Type 'attributes disk clear readonly'
  • Type 'online disk'
  • Type 'convert mbr'

Fix #2 - Fix damaged disk using chkdsk /f

This is to repair regular errors on usb disk or internal disk.

Fix #3 - Fix damaged disk using chkdsk /f/r/x

The chkdsk /f/r/x provides checking and fixing damaged parts of hd.

Fix #4 - Fix damaged disk using bootrec /fixmbr

Video - 5 ways to fix disk io device error

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