Kingston SSD Not Detected Fixes (Including Initialize Kingston SSD)

There are two parts in this article:

Why is my kingston SSD Not Showing UP?

The causes: There are different chances that your Kingston SSD may not show up in computer or device, for example.

  • If it's a totally brand new Kingston ssd, it won't show up in computer directly, you need to initialize it in disk management at first, or you may also use cmd to get it initialized if you are a computer pro (We will include a following part (detailed guide) to show you how to initialize your new disk in disk management)
  • If it's an SSD used in Windows computer, it won't show up in MAC (Some file systems used by SSD is not compatible with MAC machine)
  • If it's an old SSD, it may have logical errors that stop from being detected. You may try to fix it in the following part

Part 1 - How to initialize a NEW Kingston SSD in Windows 11/10/8/7

You may not know that a brand new hard disk drive or the new solid state drive will not directly show up in a computer in THIS PC or the file explorer since it's just not made to show up there directly.

It may display unallocated disk in disk management.Disk 1 unknown not initialized

Getting the new ssd detected is easy and it can be done directly in disk managment.

  • Firstly, install new SSD on computer, or insert external SSD to pc via usb socket
  • Right click THIS PC on your computer desktop icon -> Manage -> Disk Management
  • Right click your new ssd that was loaded on disk management, and select option 'initialize'Initialize disk in disk management
  • Set proper parameters for your SSD in the following steps
Video - how to initialize and format a disk

Some more related error fixings you may want to know

Question: What if Kingston SSD is not showing up in BIOS?

Watch the following videos that may give you some clues when your ssd is not found in BIOS.

Video 1 - Guide offered by ASUS

Video 2 - Initialize Disk and Fix Disk Not Detected

Part 2 - Old SSD Not Detected in Windows Computer

If your ssd suddenly cannot be recognized in your computer, here are some simple and quick changes you may try to determine the error and make some quick fixes.

#1 Try it on another computer to see whether it's the computer usb socket or the computer the does not see it

#2 Try it with another usb cable to see whether it's the cable that was damaged

#3 Update the SSD driver in device manager

Update hard drive driver

#4 Fix possible errors on SSD with chkdsk

Chkdsk f r x

More ways: how to fix not recognized hard drive or SSD

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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