HFS+ Disk Is Not Recognized on Mac

"When I open my Mac, one of HFS disk partition is not recognized on Mac. Well, I have divided my hard disk into three partitions on Mac, but one partition which has HFS+ file system is not recognized by Mac OS when I open my computer. I have some important files stored on this partition. What can I do to get back lost data from unreadable HFS+ disk on Mac?"

Mac computer is very popular recent years. HFS+ is a type of file system on Mac OS. Sometimes, HFS+ disk might be unable to be recognized by Mac when you open your computer. Usually, this problem might be caused by many reasons such as:

  • HFS+ disk is infected with virus or Trojan
  • HFS+ file system changes to RAW format
  • HFS+ disk contains bad sectors
  • HFS+ disk is corrupted due to improper operation
  • More other reasons that lead HFS+ file system to be corrupted

It is problem to access data when HFS+ disk is not recognized by Mac OS. You cannot perform any operation on the HFS+ disk since it is not readable on Mac. In this situation, the only chance to get back lost data is to rely on a data recovery tool.

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Data Recovery When HFS+ File System Is Not Readable on Mac

iCare Data Recovery Pro is a data recovery program, which is able to deep scan all devices to search lost data. Even when the hard disk is not recognized, iCare Data Recovery is able to recognize the disk and search every inaccessible file. This data recovery software is compatible with Windows OS, so you need to insert the HFS disk to Windows OS in order to perform data recovery. This operation does not hurt your hard disk or touch any data stored on the disk. Now, you can follow the steps below to recover data when HFS+ disk is not recognized on Mac:

download data recovery software

Step1. Download and install iCare Data Recovery on PC. Run the software and choose a proper scan mode.

select recovery mode

Step2. Select the device and then wait the software to scan it for lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview the found files when scanning is completed and then save the lost data to a safe place.

preview found photo

The file system might be corrupted when HFS+ disk is not recognized on Mac. After data recovery, you had better reinstall the hard disk to Mac to fix the error considering the compatibility issue.

HFS+ Disk Converts to Unrecognized File System

If the disk still has HFS+ file system, the Mac OS will recognize normally. Therefore, if a disk which has HFS+ file system is no longer recognized by Mac OS, the first thing you should check is if the disk has converted to RAW file system. If you are unable to check if the HFS+ disk has changed to RAW since the disk drive does not show up on Mac OS, you can free download iCare Data Recovery on a Windows PC. Then, you can plug the HFS+ disk to this Windows PC and run this data recovery software. iCare Data Recovery will detect the HFS+ disk as an unknown device if it has converted to RAW file system. In this situation, you can select the unknown device and wait the software to scan it to search lost data. This software supports to recover data from HFS+ file system even when it has unrecognized file system.

HFS+ Disk Is Detected on Mac but Shows Blank

Whether it is an internal hard disk or external hard drive, sometimes you may meet the problem that HFS+ disk is able to be detected on Mac OS, but it shows blank and has unsupported file system. Usually, the reason why you meet this kind of problem is that the HFS+ disk is corrupted due to virus infection, bad sectors or improper operation. Compared with the situation above, you have a better chance to get back lost data because the HFS+ disk is still readable on Mac at least. However, you should also more careful to prevent the disk from suffering any possible physical damage or data overwriting.

External HFS+ HDD Is Unreadable on Windows

Some users reflect that their external HFS+ hard drive can work normally on Mac, but it does not show up after connecting to a Windows PC. It is normal that HFS+ file system is not readable on Windows OS because HFS+ is default file system for Mac OS. Therefore, you do not need to worry when external HFS+ HDD is unreadable on Windows. If you want to use this external hard drive on Windows PC, you only need to plug it to Mac OS and transfer all needed data to another media. Then, you can connect the external HDD to Windows PC and format it to NTFS file system.

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