How to Recover Data from USB Pen Drive Using Command Line

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Last updated on 20/04/2018

Can you recover lost files from a pen drive using CMD on Windows PC when you accidentally delete files, mistakenly format pen drive or even worse pen drive not detected in windows 8?

Files stored on a pen drive are easily lost due to many reasons. And in some situation, you can run command prompt to repair a corrupted pen drive, but you are not able to recover any data from a pen drive in any case.

Recover Deleted Files from Pen Drive Using Software instead of CMD

For any data lost from any pen drive, you are able to get back it using data recovery software like iCare Data Recovery Pro. This data recovery software is able to cope with any problem that related to pen drive data loss, so you can free download and use it to scan your pen stick whenever you encounter any file loss disaster on any brand of pen stick, since CMD is unable to help restore data.

download data recovery softwareFree download iCare Data Recovery Pro

Command Prompt for Pen Drive Fix & Recovery in Following Situations

"I do not know what kind of problem my pen drive has, but I cannot see any data inside the drive. It shows there is data inside the pen drive when I check its Properties. What can I do to fix this problem for my pen drive?"

This is an FAQ shown on following site:

Although command prompt is not able to cope with any data recovery problem for pen drive, you can use it to repair corrupted pen drive or show hidden files in following situations:
1. Recover files infected by shortcuts virus from pen drive
2. Repair corrupted pen drive using CMD
3. Show hidden files on USB drive

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