Cannot Sync with iPhone That Sync Button on iTunes Is Greyed out

Sometimes iTunes may stop working and fail sync your iPhone due to some reasons. In some situations, the "Sync" button on iTunes may show greyed out and disable you to sync any information stored on the iPhone device. This article will tell you what to do to fix the problem when "Sync" button is greyed out on iTunes.

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How to Fix iTunes Sync Button Grayed out Problem?

To fix the problem that iTunes "Sync" button is grayed out when you want to sync with your iPhone, you can do following things:

1. Relaunch the iTunes and reconnect your iPhone

You can close the iTunes and then relaunch it on your computer after updating it to the latest version. Then, you can disconnect the iPhone to WiFi or USB port and then reconnect it again.

2. Restart iPhone and Reboot computer

Sometimes, your iPhone gets crashed due to some unknown reasons, so you can restart it to make it work normally again. In addition, you can also try to reboot the computer whether it runs Windows or Mac OS.

3. Check whether sync is enabled on iTunes

After launching iTunes on your computer, you can click Summary tab to see if the "Manually manage music and videos" is enabled. Make sure that the "sync music", "sync movies", etc are enabled on iTunes.

manually manage music videos

4. Try a different way to sync iPhone with iTunes

If you use WiFi to sync iPhone to with iTunes, you can try to connect the iPhone to USB port via USB cable to sync with iTunes and vice versa.

Backup iPhone with iCloud When iTunes Sync Is Grayed out

Since you are unable to sync your iPhone with iTunes when the Sync button is greyed out, you can run iCloud to backup your iPhone device to avoid data loss. With iCloud, you can backup iPhone to iCloud so as to make a backup for your device. Although you can restore iPhone from iCloud backup when any file got lost from the device, what you should know is that iCloud backup is different from iTunes sync.

iPhone Recovery When Sync Is Greyed out on iTunes

Have you ever lost any data from iPhone when you run into problem to sync your iPhone with iTunes? If so, you can run data recovery for iPhone to get back lost files including text message SMS, movies, music, emails, etc. It is data recovery software for all iPhone devices including iPhone 3G, 4S, 5, 5SM 5C, 6, 6 Plus, etc.

download data recovery for iphone Download data recovery for iPhone

Common Reasons Why Sync Button Is Grayed out on iTunes

Generally speaking, there is no exact reason to explain why the "Sync" button show greyed out when you attempt to sync your iPhone with iTunes. Therefore, when you meet the problem, what you can do is to check the possible reasons one by one:

1. You should update the iTunes to the latest version before using it to sync iPhone.
2. If you sync iPhone with iTunes by connecting the device to WiFi, you must make sure that the iTunes is iTunes 10.5 or later version and the iPhone runs iOS 5 and later version. The iTunes usually fail to sync your iPhone if the iTunes or iPhone runs the earlier version.
3. Change another USB port if you connect the iPhone to computer via USB cable to sync. Sometimes, the problem might be resolve easily after connecting the iPhone to another USB port.

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