How to Recover Permanently Deleted Photos on iPhone SE

You can use iPhone SE to take a lot of photos and store them in the iPhone internal memory, but you may mistakenly delete some important pictures permanently sometimes.
Here are some common situations that you may delete pictures permanently on an iPhone SE:

  • You delete pictures by mistake from iPhone SE when you view images on it
  • You delete photos from iPhone SE on purpose because the internal memory on iPhone SE is full
  • All files stored on iPhone SE were erased when you attempt to restore iPhone SE from previous iCloud backup
  • Photos, videos, music, text message SMS, emails, contacts, calendars, etc were deleted after iOS update failure

If any type of images got deleted forever on your iPhone SE due to similar reason above, you have chance to get back all deleted data with different methods.

6 Methods to Recover Permanently Deleted Pictures on iPhone SE

1. Restore iPhone SE from iTunes backup
2. Restore iPhone SE from iCloud backup
3. Restore permanently deleted images from iPhone SE from "Recently Deleted" album
4. Sync photos from computer to iPhone SE with iTunes
5. Retrieve only pictures from "My Photo Stream" in iCloud
6. Rescue files after deleting from iPhone SE with data recovery for iPhone

Method 1: Restore iPhone SE from iTunes Backup

You can set up your iPhone SE to be synced with iTunes, so you can restore iPhone SE from iTunes backup after deleting any file permanently.

Step1. Connect the iPhone SE to the computer that has iTunes.

Step2. Click the iPhone in iTunes and then click "Restore from Backup".

Step3. Choose the backup you need to restore and click "Restore" button.

Method 2: Restore iPhone SE from iCloud Backup

If you have enabled your iPhone SE to be backed up to iCloud in advance before deleting the important photos permanently, you are able to restore iPhone SE from iCloud backup.

Step1. Click "Settings" > "General" > "Reset" > "Erase All Content and Settings" on your iPhone SE, after which your iPhone SE will restart automatically.

restore iphone se from icloud backup

Step2. When the iPhone SE has restarted, you can set language, region and WiFi.

set up iphone se

Step3. Click "Restore from iCloud Backup" and then sign in the iCloud with the same iCloud Apple ID that was used to back up your iPhone SE.

restore from icloud backup

Step4. Select the iCloud backup you want to restore and click "Restore" button. Then, you only need to wait patiently before the restoring is completed.

Method 3: Restore iPhone SE Deleted Photos from Recently Deleted Album

iPhone SE is running iOS 9.3 (the latest version runs iOS 9.3.2). As you know, there is a "Recently Deleted" album on all iPhone devices that runs iOS 8 or later version, from which you can easily restore recently deleted photos and videos.

Follow this guide to restore permanently deleted pictures and videos from iPhone SE "Recently Deleted" album: click Photos App on iPhone SE > select Album > Recently Deleted > select the files you want to restore and click Recover button

recover deleted photos iphone se

Method 4: Sync Photos from Computer to iPhone SE with iTunes

If there is backup for iPhone SE on your Windows or Mac computer, you can sync photos or other type files to iPhone SE when you accidentally deleted files on your device.

Step1. Connect the iPhone SE to your computer which contains the backup data (please update the iTunes to the latest version before connecting iPhone SE)
Step2. Select the iPhone SE after launching iTunes and then click Photos
Step3. Click Sync Photos from and select the folder that contains the deleted photos or vides.
sync photos with itunes
Step4. Choose the files you want to sync to your iPhone SE and click Apply button. Then, you only need to wait in syncing process.

Method 5: Retrieve Pictures from My Photo Stream in iCloud

If you restore iPhone SE with iCloud backup, you have to restore all contents of the selected iCloud backup to your iPhone SE. If the iCloud backup is not up to date, you may restore your iPhone SE to old contents and settings and the new added data to the iPhone SE will be erased. If you do not run into such a problem or you only want to restore permanently deleted photos, you can retrieve pictures from iCloud My Photo Stream by following:
Click Photos App on your iPhone SE > click Album > select My Photo Stream album > check and select the photos to recover

photo stream

Method 6: Rescue Files after Deleting from iPhone SE with Data Recovery for iPhone

You can also easily rescue not only photos but also other files after deleting from iPhone SE by using data recovery for iPhone. It is an iOS data recovery tool which is available for all devices that runs iOS operating system, so you can use it to restore deleted files from not only iPhone SE but also other iPhone devices or iPad and iPod touch.

download data recovery for iphone Download data recovery for iPhone

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