Free Convert/Change File System from RAW to NTFS on Hard Drive/Flash Drive/SD without Formatting

Question: How to Convert/Change raw external disk/usb/sd to ntfs without formatting/losing data in Windows7/8/10

Answer: In order not to delete/erase/lose external disk/usb/sd card data completely, before converting/changing/formatting disk/flash drive/memory card to fix/repair hard drive/memory card raw file system issues, use free raw file recovery program iCare Data Recovery Pro free edition to recover/rescue/retrieve data from raw format hd/pen drive/memory card.

format memory card

Question: How to conver/format/repair/fix a raw partition to ntfs

Answer: With important files and folders saved inside raw file system partition, go download raw partition recovery software to retrieve data from partition in raw format before converting/formatting raw to ntfs format. Without anything useful left there, free download raw to ntfs converter/formatter utility to fix/repair the raw file system issues. 

Question: How to do/perform raw to ntfs recovery on hard drive/usb drive/sd memory card

Answer: Stop saving new data on hard drive/usb drive/sd memory card with blank/raw file system error and rely on raw to ntfs recovery tool to recover/rescue/retrieve photos, documents, movies and files back.

Question: How to convert/format/change raw to ntfs with cmd/diskpart

Answer: With important data retrieved from raw format drive/usb/stick/Micro sd memory card, merely use CMD/diskpart/command prompts to convert/format/change raw to ntfs.

==>Read more details here: Format RAW to NTFS with CMD/Diskpart/command prompt

>>100% Safe Free raw to ntfs recovery software


Download iCare Data Recovery Pro to free recover files from ntfs external hard drive/flash drive/sd mermory card changing/turn to raw file system before you fix/repair/convert/format raw to ntfs in Windows xp/7/8/10/vista computer.

RAW to NTFS Recovery on External HD/USB/SD Memory Card in Windows 7/8/10/Vista

No matter why and how your external HD/USB/SD memory card changes/turns into raw on your Windows 7/8/10/vista, when you do wonder to convert/change raw to ntfs with usb flash drive/usb hard drive/memory card without formatting/data loss, do not format hard drive/flash drive/sd with raw format error firstly and go download raw to ntfs recovery utilities, like iCare Recovery Pro free edition, to recover lost data from corrupted/blank/not formatted raw file system hard drive/memory card.

download data recovery softwareDownload free raw drive recovery iCare Recovery Pro Free edition

Please Note: Select Deep Scan Recovery mode as below picture shows to thoroughly scan your raw format hard drive/memory card/usb.

select recovery mode

Convert/Repair/Recover/Fix RAW Partition to NTFS Free Without Data Loss

Computer internal/external hard drive partition becomes/appears/shows up as raw in My Computer/Disk Management? Need recover ntfs partition from raw in Windows computer? No worry! Apply partition file recovery tool to retrieve raw partition files back and go convert/repair/fix raw partition to ntfs free. And, you can also rely on raw to ntfs converting/formatting programs/cmd/diskpart.

Format RAW to NTFS - Format Did Not Complete Successfully

Sometimes, when an usb HDD/key/sd memory card shows raw not formatted error, click "Yes" option to do a quick/full format there for raw to ntfs conversion, and you may be told "format did not complete successfully". And, as with such Windows unable to complete the format error issues, it often indicates the hard drive/memory card gets corrupted anyhow and go try some raw to ntfs converting/formatting utilities to solve all.

No matter whether the formating/converting process from raw to ntfs file system will be completed smoothly on your Windows computer, always restore hard drive/usb/memory card files back timely when you do have left much important data inside.

Download the free raw file system recovery software now to rescue inaccessible information back.

Free RAW to NTFS Converter/Formatter to Convert/Format RAW to NTFS

Usually, after recovering files from raw format hard disk/usb drive/memory card smoothly, no matter whether the Windows is able to complete the format or not, you can easily free download raw to ntfs converter/formatter software to change/convert file system from raw to ntfs. Of course, if have no idea about such storage device formatting/converting programs, also format hard drive/memory card using CMD/Diskpart/command prompts.

==>Also go free download raw to ntfs converting/formatting tools.

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