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How do I recover deleted files in Windows XP? Can you recover data from Windows XP when you are unable to access data on disk...? Today, this article will share related information about Windows XP data recovery and ways to fix the Windows xp problems without losing data.

3 Steps to Recover Data on Windows XP OS

Preparation: Free download and install iCare Data Recovery as the Windows XP data recovery software.

download data recovery softwarePlease avoid installing the software on the drive where data got lost.

Step1. Download iCare Recovery Free and you need to select 'Deep Scan Recovery' mode after running the software, or any recovery mode per your case.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the drive where data got lost and then wait patiently when the software is scanning to search lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. You can preview files after scanning and then save the lost files to a different drive.

preview found photo

Download iCare Free

This data recovery software is able to recover lost files when you mistakenly deleting files, accidentally formatting hard disk drive or Windows reports disk error message and disables you to access any data. This data recovery software also supports memory card recovery, flash drive recovery, pen drive recovery, external hard drive recovery, etc on Windows XP.

Common Data Loss Problems on Windows XP

Windows XP usually has a good performance, so your computer usually runs under a safe and reliable environment. However, sometimes you might lose data on Windows XP disk drive in following situations:

  • Mistakenly delete files from hard drive in Windows XP and continue deleting files in Recycle Bin
  • Deleted files were not moved to Recycle Bin because you accidentally press Shift + Delete keys
  • Deleting files from memory card, USB thumb drive, external hard drive, etc when plugging it to Windows PC
  • Full format or quick format disk drive by mistake on Windows XP OS
  • Windows XP Reports not formatted error on disk drive and it shows RAW file system
  • Disk drive is not accessible or readable on Windows XP

What mentioned above are some common reasons for data loss from different storage media on Windows XP, in which situation you can use iCare Data Recovery to restore permanently deleted files on Windows XP before it gets overwritten by new added files. However, things are usually more terrible when you meet Windows XP malfunction.

Windows XP Blue Screen of Death Problem

Blue Screen of Death, also known as Blue Screen, is an error screen shown on a Windows computer in order to protect PC information from being corrupted when Windows operating system cannot run safely because it is unable to restore from system error or system crash.

Blue Screen Message on Windows XP

The blue screen message has some differences among different Windows OS. When you encounter blue screen problem on Windows XP, the screen of PC interface will change to blue and you will receive some alert message. Usually, the alert message includes following information:
First of all, it will alert you that a problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer.
Then, it will tell the possible reasons that cause the blue screen problem.
Finally, it will tell you possible methods to resolve the issue.
You can get some code like "STOP: 0x000000F4", "stop:0×0000008E", etc.

Possible Solutions for Windows XP Blue Screen Problem

Usually, you can reboot your computer if this is the first time you meet the problem. However, the problem is that your computer might run into blue screen problem again when you perform operation on the computer, because rebooting cannot resolve the problem thoroughly. If you want to resolve the problem thoroughly, you should make it clear the reasons why your computer shows blue screen.

For example, a PC might shows blue screen due to virus infection, spyware, hardware corruption and more. It is necessary to run antivirus software to scan and check virus when you face the blue screen problem.

Usually, Windows blue screen of death does not cause data loss, because your computer usually still runs normally after rebooting. However, if blue screen of death cause disk corruption or data loss because you are writing or reading data when the problem occurs, you can run iCare Data Recovery to restore lost data on Windows XP.

Windows XP Black Screen of Death

Black screen of death is a problem that often occurs on different Windows OS. When you meet the black screen of death problem on Windows XP, the screen usually shows black. This kind of problem might be caused by various reasons such as display corruption, mainboard corruption, video card bad contact, CPU corruption and more.

You just need to fix or change a new one when the black screen problem occurs on Windows XP due to those reasons. In addition, black screen of death problem will also occur due to reasons like virus infection, spyware, software incompatibility problem, etc. When you meet the black screen issue on Windows XP due to those reasons, it might cause data loss on your computer or even cause system crash.

Cannot Boot Windows XP

Windows XP cannot boot after pressing the power supply of your computer? It is a terrible problem that you are unable to boot Windows system when you want to read important data on your computer, but it is not an easy task to fix the problem because it might be caused by various reasons such as hardware problem, CMOS settings problem, Windows operating system software problem and more.

More Other Malfunctions on Windows XP

Although Windows XP has a high performance, users usually meet different kinds of issues on Windows XP operating system. In addition to common problem like blue screen of death, cannot boot Windows XP, here are some more malfunctions that you may meet on Windows XP:

  • Windows XP computer suddenly freezes
  • Files cannot find on Windows XP computer
  • Windows XP reboot automatically without showing any error message

About Windows XP

The full name of Windows XP is Microsoft Windows XP. It is an operating system developed by Microsoft, which is widely used by personal computer including home and business computer or laptop. Windows XP is the first member of Windows NT family of operating systems, which was released on October 25, 2001. Windows XP is highly welcomed by many computer users due to its high performance, reliability and more. Although you can still use Windows XP system on your computer, Microsoft has stopped providing support and updates for Windows XP on April 8, 2014.

Windows XP is an operating system for personal computer, which is developed by Microsoft. There is no doubt that Windows XP is one of the most popular operating system with good performance, security and reliability. Although Microsoft has made some changes to improve the perform, security and reliability of Windows XP so that it can meet more users’ demand, you might meet various kinds of problems on Windows XP operating system which sometimes cause unexpected data loss.

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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