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My Sandisk usb flash drive is reporting no media in Disk Management under my computer Windows 10, is there anything I could do to make it work in my pc, the memory stick was not in use for a about 2 months ago and then suddenly it turned out no media in disk management.

32GB Kingston thumb drive said no media found in computer disk management after inserted it in a usb port and no files can be found since the whole flash drive is almost not accessible now. There must be something wrong with my thumb stick but the problem is I got no idea of fixing the damaged stick. Is it dying or could it still be repaired? What am I supposed to do with it? This troublesome stick stored some photos, I am wondering whether these images could still be retrieved from the usb stick no media found error.

pendrive no media in deviceFlash Drive reported No Media in Disk Management

What Should A USB Flash Drive Look Like in Disk Management

Normally a heathy flash drive would look like the following status in computer disk management when it is working good.

  • Capacity: 57.91GB
  • File System Information: FAT32 (It would display ntfs/exfat when your flash drive is other filesystem property) (When the usb drive is showing no media, it would be reported as 0 bytes on usb drive with RAW file system)
  • Status: Healthy
  • Primary Partition, the only one partition on your flash drive as a whole volume

usb flash drive in disk managementHealthy USB flash drive in disk management

Why the Flash Drive Property is Lost in Disk Management

When there is nothing but just blank and no media error displayed in disk management, your flash drive is corrupted. Then here comes the concern - could it be repaired and restored to the old working one as you had before?

The result varies due to different level of damage on your flash drive.

Non-Repairable Cases

  1. The flash stick is dying due to bad chips out of date.
  2. It could not be repaired no matter what changes you made it and it just keeps the same no media in your computer.
  3. Physical damages in side of your flash drive chips that could not be repaired easily and mostly it would just die.

Can Be Repaired

  1. Some logical damages caused by virus, improper operations, software failures...

More details about what kind of damages could be repaired? SEE: How to fix removable drive no media errors and damages

Flash Drive Not Showing in Disk Management Happened to the Following Brands

  1. Sandisk usb drive no media detected
  2. HP usb drive no media
  3. Kingston usb drive no media found
  4. PNY usb drive no media
  5. Transcend usb flash drive no media, Samsung usb flash drive no media...

It happened to the usb flash drive of almost all flash drive capacities from 1GB or under to 518GB or up capacities and they all turned out to be 'no media'...

How to Fix USB Drive No Media Error

There are at least five methods for you to try repairing the no media error.

Recommend: fix usb drive no media with 5 efficient tricks

Here we would recommend one efficient one that is provided in Windows 11/10/8/7 or almost any edition of Windows operating systems, and it is called 'Error-Checking' that could be accessed when you connect your flash drive to Windows computer.

'This PC' -> Right click usb drive -> Property -> Tools -> Error Checking

Repair no media usb by error checkingRepair no media usb by error checking in Windows 10

If Not Working

What if the above method did not work for you? Here is another guide that you may follow to repair the damaged flash drive

Or you may format the usb drive with free usb format tools

  1. 8 Free usb format tools

Last updated on March 28, 2024

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