How to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon Rebel Camera - 2 Ways Free


Accidentally deleted photos from Canon EOS rebel t6 or any other Canon camera? Canon Recovery Tool can help retrieve photos from Canon sd card with a few clicks. 100% safe!


Deleted photos on Canon Rebel t6 or SL3 by accident? Canon Rebel Camera users often suffered data loss not only limited to pressing the delete key on rebel but also when the sd card was formatted by mistake, the sd card is not readable on Canon rebel or the memory card needs formatting on Rebel... This article shares methods to undelete images videos from Cano Rebel when there was data loss on the camera.

recover deleted photos from canon rebel

How to ensure Canon Rebel recovery?

If you want to retrieve data from Canon Rebel camera, here are some key elements for a recovery.

  • Stop capturing images or videos with your Rebel camera once you found out the images were lost or deleted by mistake or your memory card is not working or showing errors
  • Power off the digital camera and take the memory card out of the camera
  • Reinsert memory card to a computer with a card reader since the two free methods are all based on Windows computers
  • Avoid changing sd card before recovery

Canon Rebel Photo Recovery Guide

The following methods can involved a undelete command on Windows computer and a third party for Rebel sd card recovery.

Method#1 - recover deleted photos from Canon Rebel sd card using cmd


  1. a computer
  2. a memory card reader

Step by step guide to show you how to use cmd to retrieve deleted images from Canon Rebel memory card.

  • Turn on your computer, insert your memory card with a card reader to pc
  • Double clicking THIS PC on desktop to see which drive letter it has for the following use
  • Open cmd from RUNopen cmd
  • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\ *.*, and press enter when your sd card shows h in your pc recover ixus photos using cmd

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Still did not work? Try the following undelete cmd instead

  • Type CMD
  • Type your sd card drive F: and press enter key (you need to replace F to your own sd card drive letter)
  • Type "undelete /dt"

Still not working? Try the following third party tool.

Canon EOS Rebel SD Card Photo Recovery Tool (Efficent)

Preparation: Insert sd card to a computer with a memory card reader, and download the tool for recovery.

download data recovery software

Step1. Download Canon Rebel Recovery Tool. And install it on your computer. Open it and select a recovery option to go.icare recovery option

Step2. Select sd card to start the scanning
wait while scanning lost data

Step3. Save data to another digital storage media such as the computer hard drive instead of the sd card.
preview lost files
You may right click a file to preview images

It can recover deleted photos from all Canon Rebel cameras inlcuding Rebel t7, Rebel t6, Rebel t7i, Rebel t4i, Rebel t5i, Rebel t5, Rebel t3/t3i, Rebel t8i, Rebel t6i, Rebel t100. Not only the recent deleted photos from camera, it can also help retrieve photos from Canon rebel sd card when the card has not format error, cannot format card error, card not reading, card asks formatting etc.

Note: Please do add no more data to the camera memory card once there were error on the sd card or data was mistakenly removed.

Recoverable or not? Here is a list of what can be restored and what cannot:

  1. Deleted photos on EOS Rebel by mistake, no images or videos were taken after -> 100% chance of recovery
  2. Deleted images fron Canon Rebel, saved a few images later one -> 70%-80% chance of recovery when some images would be corrupted duo to the new data overwriting
  3. Deleted images a long time ago, never used the camera for new image capturing -> 100% chance of recovery
  4. Deleted images or videos a long time ago, new photos taken by large volume, new video filmed by large volume -> few chance of recovery due to data overwriting
  5. SD card not detected, sd card reported not formatted -> restore photos from Rebel on computer
  6. SD card shows card error, sd card does not work well on Canon EOS -> backup data at first, or restore data from memory card with professional tool when sd card data was removed
  7. Other sd card error or when sd card no longer working -> backup data or restore data from sd

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  • how to recover photos from canon rebel t7, t5, t8i, t3...

Possible Causes/Error Message for SD Card Data Loss on Canon Rebel

  1. Pressed the delete key on camera,
  2. Ejected sd card directly without safe removal:
  3. Virus/Malware infection: Some unknown vi
  4. Low battery: Images

Canon Rebel Supported Memory Card

The Canon Rebel T5 uses SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards. It has a single memory card slot.

Note: MMC card is not compatible with Canon Rebel

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