How to Recover Deleted Photos from Canon IXUS Camera Free - 3 Ways


Accidentally deleted jpeg/raw images on Canon IXUS camera? Canon Recovery Tool can help retrieve photos from Canon sd card with a few clicks. 100% safe!


Since Canon IXUS camera is pocket camera that is easy to take and which also provides a advanced photo capturing and video recording, more users prefer such tiny camera and take it to record their life.... However it may happen that users may accidentally pressed the delete button by mistake, formatted the sd card on Canon ixus by mistake or somehow the sd card is not working properly, such as not reading on IXUS... Then here comes the story of recovering images from Canon IXUS.

Attention To Increase Recovery Success

Here are some crucial elements that are involved in a successful recovery. Your attention please.

  • Add no more photo or video to the camera storage media card before the recovery
  • Power off the camera IXUS, and take out the sd card
  • Connect sd card to a pc with a card reader
  • Never change the sd card property or fix something on the sd card before the recovery

3 Ways to Undelete Canon IXUS Photos Free

canon ixus photo recovery

The following methods can help retrieve deleted photos jpeg from Canon IXUS memory storage such as sd card, sdhc card, mmc card, MMCplus card, HC MMCplus card... no matter you have recently deleted the images, the images were deleted a long time ago, the images were deleted from formatted sd card, or the sd card is not working on Canon iXUS camera...

Method#1 - Canon IXUS Photo Recovery From Backup

Previous backup: This is the easiest way to retrieve deleted data if there were previous backup that you can directly download the images or videos from the backup.

NO BACKUP? If there were no previous backup available, try the rest methods.

Method#2 - recover deleted photos from Canon IXUS sd card using cmd (FREE)

Recovering virus removed sd card photos from Canon IXUS with cmd may work when you use your memory card frequently on different pcs or devices and then suddenly all images were gone.

Key elements:

  • a computer
  • a memory card reader
  • some basic cmd knowledge would be more necessary
  • 'attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.*' is the command to get removed data restored from sd card

Step by step guide to undelete images from ixus sd card.

  • Insert sd card to pc with a card reader, and remember which drive letter it has on your computer
  • Open cmd from RUNopen cmd
  • Type H:\ > attrib –h –r –s /s /d *.*, and press enter when your sd card shows H in your pc. or you may also use "attrib -h -r -s /s /d h:\ *.*"recover ixus photos using cmd

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Still did not work? The cmd is somehow weak for sd card recovery. You may try restore it with third party tool which is easy to use and efficient on canon memory card recovery.

Canon IXUS SD Card Photo Video Recovery Tool (Efficent)

Preparation: Insert sd card to a computer with a memory card reader, and download the following Canon IXUS Recovery Tool on your machine.

download data recovery software

Note: This Canon IXUS recovery tool can help retrieve deleted photos videos from sd card, sdhc, sdxc, mmc etc. when you deleted images by mistake, formatted sd card on IXUS by mistake, sd card not reading not recognized in Canon IXUS, sd card unknown format, sd card unformatted...

Step1. Download Canon IXUS Recovery Tool. Install this tool on your computer and select a recovery on the main interface to get started.icare recovery option

Deleted File Recovery: It's for recovery of most recent deleted images, videos from Canon IXUS memory card, especially when you selected the wrong images and get them removed by mistake.

Deep Scan Recovery: Formatted Canon IXUS sd card by mistake, sd card shows unformatted, sd card not reading...

Raw Drive Recovery: Another powerful recovery mode for large file recovery as a plus function that you may use it if the Deep Scan Recovery failed to work for you.

Step2. Select sd card to start the scanning
wait while scanning lost data

Step3. Save found images by clicking the folder or select the images on the right column to get them restored.
preview lost files
You may right click a file to preview images

The Canon IXUS recovery tool can help recover deleted JPEG from all Canon IXUS cameras inlcuding IXUS 510 HS, IXUS 500 HS, IXUS 255 HS, IXUS 240 HS, IXUS 230 HS, IXUS 140, IXUS 135, IXUS 132, IXUS 125 HS etc.

Note: Please do not save the images to the same IXUS sd card to avoid data damage. You need to pull data from the recovery tool to somewhere else, such as the computer disk drive for data safety.

Why Third Party Canon IXUS Recovery Tool

Which is better and efficent for Canon IXUS IMAGE recovery? According to the feedback stories from users, the previous backup is the most easiest way to retrieve data from Canon IXUS camera memory card however most users were not that lucky due to no previous backup was available.

Third party recovery tool is much easier to manage the recovery since cmd requires some basic cmd knowledge. Plus the recovery efficiency, the thrid party recovery tool may worth a trial.

Possible Causes for Photo Loss from Canon IXUS Cameras

Mostly it's users who accidentally deleted images or videos on the camera or formatted sd card on Canon IXUS due to improper operation. Here are also some other possible causes when data were removed/inaccessible.

  1. Pressed the delete key on camera, or pressed SHIFT+DELETE key on computer when transfering data from sd card to pc
  2. Ejected sd card directly without safe removal: users may brutally pull sd card out of Canon IXUS without powering off and the sd card went damaged, files were gone
  3. Virus/Malware infection: Some unknown virus may hide in your pc and get your sd card infected with virus and then sd card data were all removed or hidden
  4. Low battery: Images may easily get corrupted when you use the camera which is in low battery mode

Error Messages for SD Card on Canon IXUS Cameras

  • Card not formatted, format card with camera Canon IXUS? This is an error that may show up if there was something wrong with the sd card or when the sd card is not going well on the IXUS camera
  • Unable to open the selected files.
  • Card cannot be accessed Canon IXUS would show up when the sd card is damaged or not matched with the camera or when the sd card has write protection to keep itself from reading/changing
  • Image.png does not exist in the memory.
  • Do you want to format the memory card? This is an error message when you try to upload sd card to a computer and Windows computer fails to read the memory card used on your Canon IXUS
  • An unknown error occurred while opening the file.
  • Cannot format, change card2, Unable to complete the operation.
  • You are not authorized to perform this activity...


Question: How do I recover deleted photos from Canon IXUS 190 camera?

Answer: Pull sd card out of Canon IXUS 190 and connect the sd card on a computer for recovery with cmd or third party utility. The ealier you did this, the more success of recovery.

Question: Can you recover photos from Canon IXUS 185?

Answer: It's possible to retrieve images videos from Canon IXUS 185 or any type of Canon IXUS camera efficiently with the third party Canon recovery tool.

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