Error - Floppy Disk Not Formatted

Floppy disk not formatted?
Files on the floppy disk cannot be read?
Can't format your floppy disk?
The drive is not ready to be read?

Solution - iCara Data Rocovery Software

We may meet the problem that is floppy disk not formatted error, but don't be worried, we can regain our data with the help of some software, one of the most helpful software is iCare Data Recovery.

Steps to Recover Files from Unformatted Floppy Disk

download data recovery softwaredownload data recovery software

Step1. Download and install the data recovery software on your computer. Launch the software and select a recovery module.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the floppy disk and let the software scan it for lost files. You just need to wait when the software is scanning.

select drive
Step3. You can preview the files after scanning. Then, you can select the files you want to recover and save them.

recover files

Fix Not Formatted Error on Floppy Disk

Floppy disk is storage media which was used in personal computer in earlier times. Floppy disks include internal floppy disk and external floppy disk. You can fix the not formatted error by formatting floppy disk.

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Here is a use's experience

I have used my floppy disk for a few days. But nowadays I have some problem with it, when I want to use it to transmit my information, but when I insert it into my computer, Windows cannot read it, and there's a letter saying that it need to be formatted, but I press Format, it doesn't work, if I press Exit, I can't get my data, I asked a lot of friends for help, they all think that since they don't use it very often, so they don't know.

I was very depressed, I really want to get my information, but one day I heard that iCare Data Recovery can do that, so I had a try, but to my surprise, it's really help me lot. So, if you have the same problem, just try to use iCare Data Recovery, it's really good for data recovery after format or not formatted error.

Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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