Adata USB Drive Recovery and Repair Tools

"Hello, how do I recover files from Adata usb flash drive that files were deleted by mistake and is there any free tool to do the job?"

"Can I recover data after formatting my Adata usb stick by mistake? The adata thumb drive is not working on Windows 10 laptop and asked for a formatting! Is there any way to repair the damaged adata usb stick?"

Free Adata Flash Drive Data Recovery

Restoring data from adata flash memory is an easy job with free usb recovery tool - iCare Data Recovery Pro that can retrieve files from Adata pen drive with its special deep scan recovery algorithm that would search every possible file on each sector on your pen drive for free.

Here are just three simple steps to get the job done.

Download iCare Pro Free

Step1. Download iCare Pro free and run the data recovery software.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the Adata flash drive to start scanning missing/lost files.

wait while scanning

Step3. Select your data and save them onto another drive.

preview found photo

Adata USB Drive Repair Online Tools - Format

Formatting can always be a nice option if your usb stick is corrupted (not dying). The formatting can be done with many free tools and also Windows computer disk management or right click format option.

#1 - Format Adata usb flash on Windows with right click option

format adata usb

#2 - Format Adata usb drive in disk management

You may open your disk management and get it formatted by right clicking adata, and then there are format option together with other available options. See how it is in the following image.

format adata usb

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Repair Adata usb flash drive without formatting

It's simple to repair Adata pen drive with Windows built-in repair tool Error-checking that is provided by Windows explorer. Here are the steps: Right click your adata usb in this pc -> Properties -> Tools

repair adata usb

Video - how to repair usb drive with error checking

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Adata usb flash drive not working?

It's not weird if your adata usb flash drive cannot be recognized in Windows 10 after a long period of gap since last time you used it. Sometimes it may just turn out to be not working any more due to unexpected damages or logical damages caused by devices or third party software.

The following video shows 6 free ways you may try to get your usb drive work.

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Last updated on Aug 30, 2021

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