Disk 1 No Media - Fix Disk * No Media with Diskpart CMD


Disk 1 no media diskpart or disk 0 no media 0 bytes diskpart are related phrases that users may encounter the error when they use diskpart command to make changes on their usb disk/flash or internal hard drive however it says 'Disk * no media' error and the partition would not show up too.

There is no media in the device mostly came up with the disk no media error in the command line diskpart.

This diskpart no media errors may happen to many disks when they are corrupted

  1. Seagate disk 1 no media, seagate external hard drive no media 0 bytes (internal hard disk or Seagate usb removable disk no media and the 1 or 0 or 2 is just the lable that is listed in your computer as the device list)
  2. WD external disk no media diskpart (WD external hard drive reported disk 1 no media by diskpart)
  3. Samsung external disk 1 no media 0 bytes
  4. Other brands of hard disks that mostly happened to external usb drives that has disk 1no media error, or disk 0 no media 0 bytes, or disk 2 no media 0 bytes determined by how the list was listed in your computer

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Here is a photo that shows Microsoft diskpart is telling disk 2 no media 0b when you type 'list disk' in the command line. If you type 'select disk 2', it can be selected without problem, however any change on the selected disk/partition on the disk 2 may lead to error: There is no media in the device.

there is no media in device Diskpart reported disk 2 no media

'Disk 1 No Media' may also reads 'Disk 1 Removable No Media' that is listed under the photo displaying what it looks like in disk management.

Hard drive no media disk managementDisk 1 no media

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How to Fix Internal hard drive or external Disk No Media Error using Diskpart Cmd

Preparations: You need to stop using the disk and never try to repair this damaged disk if there were important files inside of the disk/flash drive. A read-only data recovery program will help retrieve data from the disk * no media error before any changes to the disk.

If it's the internal hard drive that has the no media error, you may unplug it from computer and then connect it to another computer as an external device with a usb cable to fix the no media error.

Step 1: Open cmd by pressing Windows icon + R and type 'diskpart' once the run window shows up

Step 2: Type 'list disk'

Step 3: Type 'select disk *' (there shall be space between disk and *, * shall be replaced by your disk number such as disk 1 or disk 2 or disk 3 that your disk displays in diskpart cmd)

Step 4: Type 'chkdsk/f/r', or you may type 'chkdsk/f/r *' (* is the drive letter of your media in your computer), or you may use "chkdsk i: /f" (i shall be replaced by your own disk drive letter)

CHKDSK f rCHKDSK /f/r to repair disk no media 0 bytes with diskpart

Fix Damaged Disk No Media 0 Bytes with Repair Tool

Here is an efficient way for repairing the damaged disk with the Windows self-built tool that can be found in Tools options. Here comes the route for this tool.

'This PC' -> Right click usb drive/disk -> Property -> Tools -> Error Checking tool to fix usb no media

Repair no media usb by error checkingRepair hard disk no media error in Windows 10 with error-checking tool

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What is Diskpart and How to Launch It

Some users may be not familiar with diskpart which is an advanced tool in Windows operating systems for advanced users. Who may be called advanced users? Experienced computer users who uses command lines a lot are mostly advanced users.

Can a non-tech geek manage the diskpart in command lines? The answer would be 50% easy to start and 50% hard to manage since it may bump out a lot of some other tough problems when you

  1. Got a space omitted in the command line
  2. Puzzled by whether the capital letters shall be applied
  3. For example, 'select disk 1' is a correct command line, while 'select disk1' order could not be read by computer.

How to Launch Diskpart in Windows 10

You need to press Windows icon + R on your keyboard in Windows 10 to start the run window and type diskpart in the column to get diskpart launched.

Or you may try the following in Windows XP to open cmd diskpart

  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Run.
  3. Type cmd.
  4. Press Enter or click OK.
  5. At the Command Prompt window, type diskpart.
  6. Press Enter.

Last updated on March 28, 2024

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