Lexar Compact Flash Card Not Recognized/Reading Fix

"I went to Paris to see my sister last week and we took lot of pictures with her digital camera. When I went back home, she gave the card inside her camera to me and told me all pictures are stored on this card. Today, I bough a card reader and inserted the card to my PC via this card reader, but it cannot be recognized. By the way, the memory card is a 4GB Lexar CF card and my computer runs under Windows XP operating system. I tried to insert another CF card to the card reader and connected it to the same computer, but it can work normally. So I think there is something wrong with the Lexar CF card. How can I make the card recognizable on my computer or get back the lost pictures from unrecognized CF card?"

lexar compact flash recovery

Damaged Lexar cf card not reading repairings

It's lucky if the problem is caused by logical damages, you can use the Compact Flash card recovery software to restore lost files or you may try the following solution to get it repaired.

Video - Repair damaged memory card using chkdsk

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Steps to Recover Files off Undetected Lexar CF Card

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Step1. Connect the Lexar CF card to your computer. Download, install and run the data recovery software on the computer, and then you can choose a recovery module to begin data recovery.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the Lexar CF card so that the software can scan. The only thing you need to do is to wait patiently before the scanning is completed.

select drive
Step3. You can preview the found images and office files. Then, you can choose all kinds of files you need and save them to computer’s hard disk drive instead of the original CF card.

recover files

Cases of Lexar memory card damages

What to do for Lexar CF card recovery when it cannot be used in your digital camera? Have you ever run into the similar situation that your digital camera cannot read your Lexar CF card when you insert it in? The problem varies with some of the following cases.

  1. If there is something wrong with your digital camera, you just need to insert your card to another camera.
  2. If there is something wrong with the Lexar CF card, you need to check whether the problem is caused by logical damage or physical damage.
  3. If the card is physically damaged, you cannot restore lost files.

Pay attention when Compact Flash Card Not Recognized

A memory card can work normally when it is compatible with the device. If the CF card is not compatible with your digital camera, it will be unrecognized. Therefore, if it is the first time you insert your Lexar CF card to your digital camera, you should make it clear whether the card can be compatible with your digital camera.

Compact Flash CF Card Cannot Be Detected in PC but Works in Camera

Sometimes, you may find that your Compact flash card can work normally when inserted in your digital camera. However, Windows system cannot recognize the card when you connect it to your computer through a card reader. In this situation, the possible reason why PC cannot detect the compact flash card is that the CF card is not compatible with the card reader. If so, you just need to change a card reader to read files inside the card. Or you can try to connect the card to your computer through a USB cable to see if it can work.

CF Card Shows Wrong Capacity

Your compact flash CF card shows incorrect capacity with unknown reason? Probably, you still used your CF card yesterday and it worked fine. However, when you use the card again, you find it shows wrong capacity or even shows 0 byte and most often it shows RAW file system if you check its property and asks you to reformat the cf card. Such kind of problem might be caused by virus infection.

In this situation, you can connect your CF card to your computer and check its status under Disk Management to see if it is healthy. If the system recognizes the card as healthy drive, you can run the data recovery software to restore files stored on this card. However, you should remember not to write any new file to the compact flash card before data can be restored successfully.

==>> Please refer to this article for RAW CF card fixing when it shows wrong capacity - Format CF card RAW to FAT32>>

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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