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Factory reset android recovery is needed. My Samsung Galaxy s9 did not work properly, it ran with slow performance and I did a factory reset to the mobile. About a few days later I suddenly lost the previous backup photos, how can i recover my files from mobile after factory reset?

This is a short story from one of users who had just done a factory reset. If you are in the same situation wondering 'how do i recover photos, videos, text messages, whatsapp messages after factory reset the android phone', there are a few free tools to undelete the files after factory reset.

Here are 2 ways to restore deleted files after phone factory reset.

  1. #1 - Android phone factory reset recovery with a computer (Connect your mobile to a computer, the best way we recommend, safe, however it is with function limitation)
  2. #2 - Recover files from factory reset in android phone without computer (100% freeware, Android data recovery apk download, very convenient, however it is not 100% data safe in case of data overwritten)
  3. FAQ - Is it possible to recover data after factory reset android phone without root?

If it is the memory card that you want to recover data, there are many freeware available on Windows computer.

If it is only the android phone internal memory that you want to recover data, there are only a few options.

Way 1 - Recover mobile factory reset with a computer [1 Freeware]

If it is the memory card you want to recover, there are so many free tools available if your data were not saved on the phone internal memory.

What you may need - a computer (for example a computer with Windows 10 installed), your phone, free android recovery software.

Freeware#1 - Minitool Mobile Recovery for Android (Save 10 files free at a time, and then come back to the list and save anther 10 files, ask to pay $39 to extend the limitation)

android mobile data recovery Android Phone Recovery

More alternatives? -> 5 Free android recovery tools for Windows 10

What we like

  • It is a Windows based mobile phone recovery program that is able to make the least damage to your phone compared with android recovery apk tools
  • It can both restore files from android internal memory plus memory card
  • It is able to restore photos, videos, sms, and other files for free (even though 10 files limit at a time)

What we disklike

  • It has 10 files free recovery limit at a time, you need to come back to the file list after saving first 10 files, and then select a next 10 files, which would make the job tremendous hard to finish if there are thousands of files to save. It asks for a pay to extend the limit.

Video Tutorial - how to recover data from android phone with minitool android recovery

Download url:

More alternatives? -> 5 Free android recovery tools for Windows 10

Way 2 - Recover data in Android with apk

Freeware#2 - Restore Image ( 100% free to recover any file in android phone without computer, root requested)

Download url:

Restore imageRestore Image for Android Phone Recovery

This is the best android phone recovery freeware that does not limit functions but just has ad inside of the program that does not matter that much. You may enjoy the full functions for recovering any file from your android phone.

Freeware#3 - Diskdigger ( android apk version), the only program that lets you recover photos after factory reset android phone without root. (Only images can be restored if you do not want to get phone rooted)

Download android recovery apk:

(This program also provides android apk in Google Play, you may search the same name 'Diskdigger')

DiskDiggerDiskDigger for Android Phone Recovery

It is totally free of charge for photos and videos. It asks for pay if you want to recover deleted messages. (You may use freeware #3 as alternative if you want to recover deleted sms and other files for free in the following content)

  1. Step 1 - Download free android recovery tool - DiskDigger, connect your mobile to a computer.
  2. Step 2 - Open Diskdigger, choose file types to start scanning
  3. Step 3 - Select found data and click 'Recover'


??? How to recover text messages after factory reset android (Samsung, htc, lg, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi Redmi)

We would recommend #2 freeware Restore Image that can restore sms after factory rest from your phone.

???How to recover data after factory rest mobile without root?

Freeware Diskdigger is able to restore image file without root while other software no matter free or not would ask root access from your mobile.

Last updated on March 28, 2024

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