Fixing USB Flash Drive Was Unplugged without Safely Ejecting

Can we remove flash drive without safe ejecting? What happens if your flash drive was removed without ejecting? This article introduces the solution for usb thumb drive that was not removed safely and ways you can safely remove a drive.

Symptoms of corrupted usb flash drive unplugged without ejecting

When we use USB pen drive to store files, for the convenience, we may ignore something important. Sometimes, we may insert it on a public computer which was used by many people, eject the USB pen drive while you are transferring or copying stuff from it, pulled out flash drive without ejecting. Do you have any idea how dangerous these actions can be?

It is not rare to meet these symptoms of corrupted usb flash drive unplugged without ejecting:

  1. 1. Windows pops out message like: “The disk in drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”
  2. 2. Your usb pen drive shown as an unknown device on your computer
  3. 3. Your usb becomes to a raw drive
  4. 4. Your usb pen drive detected but not opening.

Well, when you have these problems, how to fix the corrupted USB pen drive?

usb drive

How to fix: Recover the data first and then format the disk to fix the error

If you see any one of the symptoms mentioned above, your usb pen drive must be corrupted by abrupt ejection. If so, a format is compulsory.

If you have important data needed on the usb pen drive, the first thing you need to do is to restore the data on it. This is the only way to fix corrupted USB pen drive without data loss.

Recover the data:

You need a data recovery tool to help you. The usb flash drive which can not be recognized by computer can be accessible for data recovery program, so the tool can restore your data easily. And most data recovery software can recover data from various storage device including mobile phone, PC, USB flash drive, SD memory card, external HDD, etc. It can be a useful tool for protect the data. But it is most important to choose a safe software, which has no malware alongside, also make sure it is read-only program, if you are not a IT technician, you’d better choose a program which has a simple interface and easy to use, like iCare Data Recovery.

Download iCare Free

Instructions of recovering data

Step 1: Start the data recovery tool and choose Deep Scan Recovery mode.

select mode

Step 2: Choose your device and scan it for a while.

select drive

Step 3: Preview the listed data.

save data

Step 4:choose needed data and save them to another place.

Format the usb pendrive

After data restoration, you can format your usb pen drive to fix the error. There are 2 ways you can try to format your disk.

Format the usb pendrive

1. Format your usb by right click format option. This is the easiest way, you only need to find your usb pen drive on your computer, right click it, and choose format option, your device will be formatted then.

2. Format your usb using CMD command prompt. CMD command line can help you perform some actions on your system effectively, but you need to be careful to use it, sometimes, a little mistake of the command line can cause trouble to your system. You can follow the steps to format your usb flash drive.

Step1: Run CMD

Format the usb pen driveFormat the usb pen drive

Step2:Type "format F: /fs:ntfs"(F is the drive letter of your RAW SD memory card)

Format the usb pen driveFormat the usb pen drive

After these steps, you can repair your usb pen drive without data loss

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How to fix usb which can not be formatted

If your usb shown as a raw drive on your computer, your usb may be corrupted sometimes, you can try to format it using CMD command prompt, but it is not a solution 100% work, sometimes, your computer can't format it, then your system will pop out a message like"windows was unable to complete the format".

If you meet problem like this, you will need a format tool to help you, you can download a free formatter to help you to format your usb which can not be formatted by windows system. You can download the usb formatter here:

After format, your usb flash drive can be fixed. Now you know how important it is to unplug your USB with a safely ejection. Besides, there are something else you need to know about how to safely remove your usb pen drive.

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How to remove usb pen drive safely

  1. 1. Do not remove your usb when you are transferring or copying data from your usb
  2. 2. Do not unplug your usb pen drive without safe ejection.
  3. 3. Do not insert your usb pen drive on a public computer.
  4. 4. Do not put any unknown files which may carry virus.

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