Sandisk SD Card Not Detected/Recognized in Android Mobile Fix


My 32GB Sandisk sdhc card was not detected in Android mobile htc, is there any tool that could fix the error? What shall I blame, the sandisk memory card or the cellphone? Is there any way to get the phone detect the sd card? How to recover data from sandisk sd card when it was not detected by phone? I do not want to format it since formatting would erase all files.

Quick guide: fix sd card not working in Android mobile

Here are some scenarios:

Scenario #1 new sandisk sd card, never used, how to fix?

=>You may initialize it in your phone, or format it to a compatible file system by phone

Sandisk sd card not working in android formatFormat the new sandisk sd card in mobile if it does not work in the phone

The cause: it could be the file system incompatible issue between your phone and your new snadisk memory card, for example, if your sandisk sd card is exfat file system of 32/64gb or even larger, it would not work in some phones, especially which had an old 1GB or 2GB memory card(FAT) before.

???New Sandisk sd card cannot be detected in Android mobile? -> Format it in a computer. Read the solution here: format sd card in Windows/MAC

Scenario #2 Old Sandisk sd card suddenly not working in phone,

It has worked well in the past, but now not working any more. It is most likely that the sd card may become damaged.

If you can still access its data, backup all data to some other digital devices immediately; data inaccessible but important? Recover data from damaged sd card with iCare Pro Free at first.

SD Card Recovery Free Download

Solution1: Repair damaged sandisk sd card using cmd

  • Open cmd and type 'chkdsk' in the Run
  • Type chkdsk i: /f /r /x (you need to replace i with your own sd card drive letter that shows in your computer)

Sandisk sd card not working repairRepair damaged sandisk sd card using cmd

Solution2: Format sd card fat32/ntfs/exfat

Another trial, you may try to change its file system to another one by formatting and see whether it could work. It would mostly work when your sd card is logically damaged.

You may format it under Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 by right clicking it and select format option

Sandisk sd card not working format

Sandisk sd card format

Also read: how to format sandisk sd card on Windows/Mac

Scenario #3 - The Phone Device Error

It add odds when it was the phone that went mad and here are some tricks to try.

  • Take the sd card out and reinsert again, power off required before taking the sd card out. (Sometime it did work according to online users' feedback)
  • Reset the factory setting of the phone
  • Take your sd card to another phone to see whether the sd card work with another phone...

More ways to fix memory card not working with phone issue?

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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