How to recover formatted SSD (WD, SanDisk, Samsung, Kingston and more)

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You may wonder 'How can I recover data from accidentally formatted sdd?' when the SSD was formatted by mistake. PC and laptop users worry when they accidentally reformatted a hard drive or SSD. This can sometimes happen when the drive is not working or damaged, and it can popup message like "The drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" Can you unformat SSD?

The answer is positive. Here we would show you how to unformat a drive in Windows 10 with steps by using SSD format recovery tool.

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The format recovery applies to the following brands of SSD:

WD Sata ssd, SanDisk SSD, Samsung SSD, Kingston SSD, Crucial SSD, Intel SSD, PNY SSD, ADATA SSD, Corsair, Seagate SSD, Silicon Power, Transcend and almost all other ssds...

This little misnomer can actually be the cause of immense worry and trouble.

To recover the files, all hope is not yet lost and the iCare Data Recovery is an excellent choice to retrieve all the lost files, photos and data stored in the external hard drive.

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How to Recover Reformatted External SSD Disk Data?

The first step is to download iCare Data Recovery Free software and install it onto your computer. Then you need to run the program. A screen will pop up highlighting many options of recovery. Your choice should be to click on Deep Scan Recovery which is the most favored options in the format recovery.

The next step is to choose the hard drive or disk that was accidentally formatted. A box showing available devices after scanning will pop up. From there choose the device you want to reverse the formatting on and press the next button to move onto the next step.

Once the device is done scanning an option will become available to click on called "Show Files" where you can see a list of all the lost files and data from the formatted hard drive. Once you click this you will be able to see a full list of all the lost files. Then you can retrieve them and save all or as preferred to your hard drive.

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The Bottom Line

How to recover data after reformat external SSD disk by mistake? iCare Data Recovery is an excellent choice in undoing the reformatting process, it is simple and easy to use, there is no computer based terms or complicated methods of recovery, and within a few swipes your precious lost data can be retrieved from the formatted external drive. It is also able to recover deleted files from other hard drives, or files lost due to partition losses or even due to a virus in the system.

iCare Data Recovery supports external hard drive brands regardless of what they are or where they originate from. It is also supportive of different space capacities and can help recover videos from SD cards or formatted memory cards or USB drives.

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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