Recuva Failed Hard Drive Recovery (Hard Disk or External Hard Drive)


What shall we do when Recuva failed hard drive no matter the hard disk is an external hard drive, internal hard disk or virutal hard drive, this page shows recuva hard disk recovery alternative that can help recover files from various kinds of hard disks.

Recuva Failed Hard Drive Recovery

When Recuva is not working with your hard drive, especially when the hard drive or external drive turned RAW drive, Recuva may fail to recognize the raw drive.

Unable to determine file system type recuva

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What kind of drive does Recuva support: FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS, just not raw

What is raw: raw means unrecognized, raw means it needs formatting

Why would my disk become raw? That's probably the virus or some other damages that made the hard drive became raw.

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Recuva Hard Drive Recovery Solution

You may use the following tool to replace Recuva for recovery that is able to recover data from various kind of disks, the internal hard drive, external hard drive, virtual hard drive, hard disk volume 2, hard disk volume 3 etc.

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Question: recuva hard disk volume2, recuva hard disk volume 3

Answer: When recuva cannot recovery hard disk volume 2 or 3, it means the disk volume cannot be detected by Recuva, you need some raw drive recovery tool such as iCare Recovery Pro that can recover raw disk drive volumes free.

Question: recuva virutal hard drive support

Answer: When Recuva failed on virtual hard drive support, you may use some other professional recovery tools that can work with virutal disk volume such as iCare Recovery Pro that is able to help restore virtual hard drive volume.

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