Recuva EXFAT Failed Solution


According to Piriform official website, Recuva is able to help recover deleted files from EXFAT. However if it did not help for your case when your exfat memory card such as large cf card, you may try some other alternatives instead.

Recuva EXFAT SD/CF/USB Recovery

Popularity of exfat: As we know, exfat is the file system that was used on large memory card, usb stick over 32GB. Many camera users prefer to use compactflash card on their cameras to record video clips, or take images; this happens to phone users too who are fond of taking images and record videos in their life or for travel.

Tutorial: how to recover exfat drive/card with Recuva

Here are the steps you may follow to recover images, videos from exfat cf/sd/usb with Recuva.

  • Download Recuva from its official website
  • Install it and then connect your memory card into pc with a card reader; if it's a usb drive, you may directly insert it into your pc's usb socket
  • Open Recuva, and start scanning your usb/sd/cf as target for scanning
  • Recover files to a different drive from Recuva

Video - how to use Recuva

The Problem:

If Recuva is unable to scan your exfat drive/card, here are some possible causes and fixes.

  1. Exfat usb/sd/hdd partition is damaged with unknown file system, then Recuva won't be able to scan the exfat drive
  2. Exfat usb/sd/disk drive is encrypted by Virus or with some other encryption software eailer, such as BTLOCKER?
  3. Exfat usb/sd has physical damages, chip damages that can not be restored
  4. The chip is spotted that you may user some eraser or cotton to get it cleaned (memory card only since it's hard to find the chips on flash sticks)

Alternative Tool for EXFAT Recovery

If Recuva failed for your exfat drive or card recovery, you may use the following tool that can help restore large files, images, videos with its RAW DRIVE RECOVERY in the software, which is specialized for large file recovery.

download data recovery software

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