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How Do I Recover Files from My Phone Memory, not Memory Card?

"Hello! Honestly, I did not use memory card on my phone and only relied on the phone memory to store some important phone data. However, recently, when I applied downloaded Android phone data recovery freeware on my PC, the software did not even read my phone at all. But, it did recognize the computer memory for missing file recovery. Do you have any idea to fix this? How can I recover data from phone internal memory? Thanks a lot!"

Recovering data from mobile phone internal memory with free software

Freeware #1 - Restore Image (Super Easy)

As a complete free android phone internal memory recovery software, Restore Image can be used for recovering almost everything on your mobile including photos, sms, videos, whatsapp messages...

Download url:

Restore imageRestore Image for Android Phone Recovery

Freeware #2 - DiskDigger {free to recover photos, videos only}

Here we would recommend freeware DiskDigger that has android phone apk together with Windows version download.

The android internal memory recovery apk download link is here in the following link together with other freeware on the following link.

noteNote: this program asks a pay if you want to recover messages, contact list, notes on your phone.

Android apk:

More free android internal memory recovery software download url: Android internal memory apk freeware download list

DiskDiggerDiskDigger for Android Phone Recovery

Video - How to recover deleted photos from Phone using DiskDigger

More tools? - 5 free android recovery software download to recover deleted photos, messages, call history from phone internal memory with freeware.

How to recover data from android phone internal memory without root?

How do I recover photos sms from phone internal memory without root permission? If there is no root access, you may get it fixed and recover photos from phone internal memory without root android in the following link.

Recommend reading -> How to recover data from android phone without root

It Could Be Really Difficult to Retrieve Photos and Files from Phone Internal Memory

Generally, unlike phone memory card, the mobile phone internal memory often cannot be recognized as a storage device like computer external hard disks or USB flash drives. And it is also why it cannot be read or detected well by many mobile phone data recovery tools. But, that doesn’t mean mobile phone data is completely irrecoverable after accidental delete or format. Merely go download phone memory card data recovery software and see whether your phone internal memory is displayed as a drive or storage device there. If you do find it is read properly by that applied software, go on performing the phone data recovery processes and see how many original files could be retrieved. But, unluckily, it cannot be recognized there, it could be really difficult to retrieve your desired phone files, photos, messages, contacts and other data back.

Please Note: In case that you paid for the data recovery software and finally find it cannot recognized your phone internal memory well, you’d better firstly go scan your phone with the trial version of your selected data recovery software.

Go Transfer Phone Contacts, Messages and Other Data from Phone SIM Card

In daily use, except saving data on the phone memory card, people also can especially save some contacts, messages or the related data on the phone SIM cards. Hence, if there is no memory card inserted on your mobile phone, also do not give up from the very beginning. Go check your SIM card and see whether you can find and transfer something useful back.

Go Backup Valuable Mobile Phone Data

In fact, in most cases, not all mobile phone users will finally lose their valuable files, videos, messages, contacts and other data after unwanted deletion, format, reformat, virus infected or phone corrupted. Do you know why some of these people can get deleted, lost or inaccessible phone data back? One of the major reasons is that they do have backed up their important data well on other USB hard disks, flash drives or other safe places. Hence, you are also supposed to prepare phone data backups well. For example, merely save at least one extra copy of everything valuable to another storage device manually. Also apply phone data backup software, which also costs a lot, to help you. In daily use, you also can sync your mobile phone to make phone data backups online. Hope you can choose a proper method according to your own conditions.

Last updated on 6/11/2020

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