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Situation1: Hello, I am a new user of the Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and really not familiar with many phone functions and operations. Recently, while trying to transfer some PNG file folders to my laptop partition, I just accidentally deleted them off from my phone SD memory card. Do you have any solution for me to perform SD card PNG file recovery on this Samsung phone memory card? Does the searched memory card data recovery software online work for my case? Thanks for any idea here to recover deleted photos back.    

Situation2: Hey, friends there! In this morning, I accidentally deleted one of my Windows 7 computer partitions and lost many files, including my precious PNG photos, stored inside this partition. It was the only copy left. Many of these photos were really important for our parents. But, I did have checked the computer Recycle Bin and found no these deleted PNG photos there. Were all these photos completely wiped with that deleted partition? If not, what can I do now to recover files from deleted partition? I really need your help. Thanks a lot!  

Hello, friends! You have not lost all your PNG photos permanently yet as long as you do have not rewritten your original storage devices, like your USB flash drive, phone SD memory card, deleted computer partition and external hard disk.

Recover PNG, JPEG or BMP Photos from SD Card, or other memory card

Honestly, in your cases, no matter which storage devices you have deleted your precious PNG files from, these lost photos, files, videos, songs and more stuffs are not destroyed completely as you think. They are still stored on your device and could be rescued back with the help of deleted file recovery software which can always deeply scan your drive or memory card, let you preview the scanned PNG, JPEG or BMP files and restore desired files back as many as possible.

download data recovery software

Step1. Plunge the external drive, flash drive or memory card with deleted PNG file loss problems and avoid saving fresh data to this device.

select recovery mode

Step2. Download and install data recovery software on a different storage device to avoid losing more original data.

wait while scanning

Step3. Run software to choose a fixable data recovery mode and scan this card or drive with patience.
Step4. Preview the found photos and recover desired ones to a different storage device well.

preview found photo

Download iCare Free

Please Note:

*Save No More Data on this storage device with deleted PNG file loss troubles in case of worse situations.
*Save copies of everything restored to other computer storage devices in case of data recovery failures.
*Choose read-only data recovery software, like iCare Recovery software, to avoid rewriting original photos unexpectedly.

Repair damaged png files

Repairing damaged PNG files can be challenging, as it depends on the extent and type of damage to the file. However, you can try the following methods to repair damaged PNG files:

  1. Rename the file: Sometimes, simply renaming the file extension from ".png" to ".txt" or ".jpg" may allow you to open and view the file. Although this method won't actually repair the file, it might help you recover the image data.

  2. Use image editing software: Open the damaged PNG file in an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Sometimes, these software tools can automatically detect and fix minor issues with the file, such as incorrect metadata or header information.

  3. Convert to another format and reconvert to PNG: Open the damaged PNG file in an image converter tool and save it as a different format like JPEG or BMP. Then, try converting the newly saved file back to PNG format. This process might help eliminate any corruption present in the original file during the conversion process.

  4. Utilize specialized file repair tools: There are specialized file repair tools available that claim to fix damaged image files, including PNG files. Examples include Stellar Repair for Photo, Picture Doctor, or File Repair Toolkit. These tools employ algorithms to analyze and attempt to repair damaged image files. Keep in mind that the success rate may vary depending on the severity of the damage.

  5. Seek professional assistance: If the damaged PNG file contains valuable or irreplaceable data, it may be worth considering professional data recovery services. These services often have advanced techniques and tools to handle damaged files and may be able to recover the image data successfully.

Remember to always create backups of your important files to prevent data loss, and consider using file recovery software to retrieve files from backups if they become damaged.

Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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