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"Hi! how do I recover files from kingston usb, can you recover deleted files from kingston usb stick? How do I recover data from Kingston Datatraveler?

If these are what you concerned about, this page includes Kingston media recovery software download that you may perform a DIY kingston datatraveler data recovery or jetflash online recovery kingston usb free.

NOTE: No matter what happened to your kingston usb stick, you should stop using it or never try to repair it before data were successfully retrieved since any change would bring partially data overwritten.


How do I recover files from kingston usb

Yes, there are three ways of undelete files from kingston usb free.

#1 - Retrieve files from kingston using previous version

if it could be detected and Windows did a previous backup for this utility. (Usually most users do not insert their usb drive on computer when Windows computer did a system backup)pen drive data recovery previous versions

pen drive data recovery previous versions available

#2 - Retrieve files from kingston usb stick using CMD attrib

Recovering files from kingston usb with cmd attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.* may help. Check your own luck. You may watch the following video to undelete data as an option.

If attrib cmd does not work for you, and mostly cmd does not work very well in kingston data retrieval according to users' feedback, the following #3 professional kingston usb file recovery tool would be a nice choice that would work as much to 100% success of kingston recovery.

#3 - Kingston pen drive data recovery software free download

iCare Recovery Pro offers free kingston usb file recovery no matter what happened to the thumb drive. (deleted kingston files by mistake, formatted kingston flash drive by mistake, kingston usb not accessible, not working, io device error, blank, raw file system...)

download data recovery software

Step1. Download iCare Pro free, insert your usb to Windows computer, and select a proper recovery option.

select recovery mode

Step2. Choose the Kingston memory flash and let the software scan it for files.

wait while scanning

Step3. Select files to recover on another volume. Please do not save files on the same kingston usb to avoid data overwritten.

preview found photo

Can you recover deleted files from kingston usb?

Why kingston usb deleted files were not in the computer recycle bin? Where do files go when deleted from kingston usb?

Usually the deleted files went into the recycle bin for keep until user's emptied the recycle bin, however as usb flash drive was not set as an internal storage drive that computer won't move its deleted files into the trash bin but get them directly deleted and emptied. That's why the deleted files on usb cannot be found in the recycle bin.

How to undelete files from kingston flash memory? kingston usb recovery tool download - iCare Recovery Pro can do the job for data you need from the flash drive.

download data recovery software

Kingston usb repair needed? How to updata kingston usb firmware when it is not detected? Read solution on this page: kingston usb repair

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"I deleted files from kingston datatraveler by mistake, how do I recover data from kingston datatraveler usb drive? Can I recover files from kingston using cmd? The files were deleted by a mistake due to formatting."

"Can you recover deleted files from kingston usb stick? How can I recover deleted files from my kingston usb for free?"

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Question #1 - Jetflash online recovery kingston

Answer: You may download kingston usb recovery tools to do a DIY online recovery by your own since these programs are easy to operate.

Question #2 - kingston usb recovery tool - how to repair damaged kingston usb

Answer: If your kingston usb stick is damaged, here are 6 free ways to repair the logical errors on kingston including its usb driver update on computer.

Kingston usb repair or format? Visit this page: kingston usb repair


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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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