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Summary: This page is telling the risks of cracked versions of data recovery programs when you are looking for data recovery software full version crack, which is definitely risky and harmful to your device that needs a recovery. The safe solution is to use completely free recovery tool, iCare Data Recovery Free, which provides free unlimited data recovery for hard drive usb flash or mobile card recovery and is 100% free of charge without limitations.

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Risks&Danagers hidden inside of cracked data recovery tools

There are users who are searching for something like 'data recovery software free download full version with key' that is telling they may probably in short of money for paying a code of file recovery tool. And the following phrases are coming along with other users in the same situation.

  1. Deleted file recovery software full version crack
  2. Recycle bin recovery software free download full version
  3. Memory card recovery software full version crack
  4. Video recovery software free download full version with crack
  5. Hard disk recovery software free download full version with crack...

How much does a data recovery tool cost?

Usually the prices of data recovery software rang from $50.00 to $100.00 by different software companies.

If data recovery tool is not an easy price for you, then you won't consider data recovery service that usually takes over $100.00 to $2000.00 dedicated for more complicated recovery since some data loss scenario could not be performed by recovery tools especially digital device physical damages or data were overwritten.

How to get free licensed code from software companies/developers

There are several ways that we would recommend you try for getting a free code from software developers, or even big software companies. You may choose some way according to your own situation.

  1. Free editor/reviewer's code - Bloggers/webmasters are always welcome by software companies that you may share a 300+ words on your blog or website and email software companies that you could write a review of their program and then request a free editor's free code.
    If you don't own an website, you may create a blog on Google or other popular media and then tell the software company that you could publish a review on your blog and add a link to their website. This would mostly favored by developers.
    How to create a free blog that you publish your review? Here are some options for you: Goolge blogspot,, etc.
  2. Tell your finance problem - there are always education discount available from most software developers that you may ask for a discount, or you may email them and tell what kind of finance problem it is with you that you need a free code. Most software companies may offer free code for email users who contact them for free code or they can give a big discount to you.
  3. Giveaway seasons - usually most data recovery software companies would host giveaway during holidays or with third party giveaway websites that you may wait and email the software developers what's the next available giveaway code that you may take this chance to grab a license code for free!

Or you may search "software name + discount" in search engines to find available discount, which is more likely to be offered by third party websites and the discount may be up to like 90% OFF the most.

Alternative: File Recovery Freeware Download

The first option we would like to offer to you is data recovery freeware that is totally free of charge and it works almost the same functions as the paid programs that you may avoid the risks and damages that could be brought by data recovery software full version cracks.

iCare Data Recovery Free is a 100% totally free data recovery software for deleted data recovery from various kinds of digital devices that the program provides unlimited free data recovery for everyone.

download data recovery softwareFree download freeware iCare Data Recovery Free

Risks/Dangers Hidden inside of Full Version Crack

Who provides the crack version of data recovery tools?

The hackers or geeks that host cracked software websites or those websites hired computer geeks to remove the license code from the software and then build other risks into the program.

1. Complete free but illegal
It is with no doubt that the cracked full version is illegal in law.

2. It is not reliable or safe bundled with other software

A lot of software with crack version usually exist on some pirated websites. And the cracked versions are usually built with other third party tools inside of the software that made the download and installation to be malware or adware, the later one may be the least harm if it was just adware.

3. Steal privacy and hack your credit card

It is most obvious that the download may be built with some hacking skills that quietly installed on your computer and then steal your password and keys.

The most bad would happen that they remember your credit card information and send it to the hackers that they steal your information and then use your credit card in the future that you may have no clue where and how your credit card information has been stolen.

How? They built malware inside of your computer, and next time when you use your credit card on your computer when purchasing items from other websites, they would store the credit card information and then send it to hackers quietly.

4. Do harm to your computer

Hidden risks may also come along with your computer that the cracked version with key may have built with malware that make your computer no longer working and do damages to your digital devices too.

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