How to Retrieve Data from Formatted Disk Drive Using Command Prompt

This article will guide you to recover files from formatted hard disk drive with available solutions instead of running command line for formatted disk recovery.

Can Recover Files off Formatted Hard Disk with CMD?

If you have no idea for this question, it is necessary for you to know what CMD is!
Please visit following link to learn basic information of command prompt:

My answer to this question is:
Yes! You can recover data from formatted hard disk, but what you need is a data recovery tool rather than CMD.

Recover Formatted Hard Drive Data Free Software without Command Line

Although no command is available for hard drive recovery after formatting, you have opportunity to restore files from any formatted disk drive using free software.

iCare Data Recovery Free allows you to recover data completely for free on Windows no matter how much data has been lost due to formatting the hard disk. Any way, it costs no money and causes no harm! Therefore, it is worthy of trying!

For the best chance of success, stop using the hard disk!

download data recovery softwareFree download iCare Data Recovery Free

How to Format Hard Disk Using Command Line Windows?

You can execute hundreds of commands running command line on Windows. Although you are not able to run CMD to recover data after formatting, you can use it to format hard disk drive on all Windows.
This link would tell you how to open command line in different Windows:

Recommend: After running CMD, you can refer to this article to format hard disk drive using CMD: format hard drive command line>>

iCare Recovery Free is also able to recover data formatted by diskpart command. Or you can use another tool iCare Data Recovery Pro, which has the ability to deep scan the formatted disk to search much more lost data when you feel not so satisfied with the result of the freeware.

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Last updated on Nov 28, 2023

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