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Convert RAW file system to FAT32 NTFS -recovering data from raw drive

recover lost data


Convert RAW to NTFS/fat32 file system? You need to recover the raw drive data at first with iCare Data Recovery Standard.

Do you need to convert RAW to NTFS/FAT32 filesystem in order to complete the format of a partition when the disk asks you to do?  In fact, RAW is not the right file system, which was changed from fat32/NTFS. Due to power outage, virus attack, improper use, then the drive/card may change to RAW without your conscious and you just did not know how to handle this and are looking for some tool which can convert RAW to NTFS and hope to access files in the partition.

Download iCare Data Recovery to restore data from the raw drive before converting it to fat32 or ntfs since once the converting is done, your files would be erased.


Tutorial: How to use iCare Data Recovery

Restore lost files from RAW drive when it was NTFS before

RAW file system, or sometimes people call it RAW drive has the following problems when your disk runs into the raw problem like:

  • Disk is not formatted, do you want to format it now
  • CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives
  • File system shows raw and disk space become 0 bytes

Sometimes, you will be not able to format the disk even it asked you to do. And there is no way to covert RAW file system to NTFS but you can restore lost files from the RAW partition with some data recovery tool.

If you have iCare Data Recovery Standard installed, you are going to be able to perform this file recovery task with a removed risk of data loss.  This is a tricky procedure and quite often ends up with lost files.  By installing the software prior to your partition project, you are allowing yourself the ability to retrieve any lost files and to protect your operation form ending up with lost files or folders to begin with.

The process of converting RAW files to NTFS files is not possible, however file recovery from the raw drive is a bit complicated, but iCare Data Recovery Standard makes it easy for the user.  With a step by step user guide and free technical support, you are able to perform rather complicated tasks with a couple mouse clicks.  You will be able to easily navigate the control options, take the preventative steps to protect your files, and recover files from the partition, and then you don't have to convert your RAW data to NTFS in a matter of seconds.

Does this sound too complicated?  Fear not!  Technicians are able to help if you are unable to find a solution, and there are tons of frequently asked questions and user tutorials to help you along the way.   The beauty of it is: you don't really need to have a whole lot of experience, and it's okay if you make a mistake.  You will be able to recover formats of hard drives – both internal and external – and other hardware you may be using.  When you are working with iCare Data Recovery Standard, you are working with a program that is highly compatible with most media storage devices, partitioning hardware, and capable of advanced files recovery.

Taking advantage of a free download of iCare Data Recovery Standard is easy.  You can get a live view of the software, navigate menu items, and search for problems and solutions relevant to your network. It's easy to purchase iCare Data Recovery Standard, as well, with a secured transaction.  You will feel as safe purchasing the software as you will feel about the security of your files and folders.

If you have tried to install a new hard drive, opened a new partition, or even lost power unexpectedly and any of these scenarios (or others) have led to your needing to convert RAW to NTFS, download iCare Data Recovery Standard, and you can find your solution as conveniently as you deserve.

Here is how data recovery was performed to restore files.

recover lost data

Select a possible drive that contains your files and let it build file structures for recovery.

wait while scanning lost data

Preview lost files

preview lost photos

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