How to Repair RAW USB Pen Drive When it Says You Need to Format


What shall we do when usb flash drive reported you need to format disk before you can use it? This article introduces the solution for such error on thumb drive and makes your usb drive work again.

Download RAW USB Recovery Tool

How to repair raw usb thumb drive with raw repair tool

Rest assured, there is a complimentary raw repair tool integrated into the system that you may want to consider using as a preliminary measure. Please follow these instructions to repair your raw drive:

Step 1: Right-click on your USB pen drive and select 'Properties.'

Step 2: Choose the 'Tools' tab, and then click on 'Error-checking.', or simply the Check button on Windows 11/10.

Step 3: Click Repair drive to go in Windows 11/10,

error checking windows 10or Opt for 'Automatically fix file system errors' in Windows 7 to allow the system to repair your USB pen drive and resolve the file system error.error checking

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Video - how to repair raw disk with error-checking

Recovering data when usb thumb drive pops out "You need to format the disk in drive"

Data would be inaccessible when the thumb drive reported 'You need to format the disk in drive *' without a professional recovery tool and iCare Recovery Pro can help regain data from the corrupted drive. Here are the steps to read data from the raw thumb drive.

Download Free

Step 1: Download and run the iCare Pro Free to start free raw usb drive recovery and choose Deep Scan Recovery mode.

select mode

Step 2: choose your usb flash drive to scan.

select drive

Step 3: After scan, preview the found data.

save data

Step 4: Choose the data you need and save them to another place. DO NOT save data to the raw drive.

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Format usb flash drive to ntfs

You can format your usb pen drive to ntfs or fat32 to fix the raw problem, CMD is a good choice to format the raw drive if the system format option doesn’t work. Steps are as follows:

Step1: Open CMD window

repair the raw usb thumb driverepair the raw usb thumb drive

Step2: Type "format F: /fs:ntfs"(F is the drive letter of your RAW SD memory card)

Format the usb pen driverepair the raw usb thumb drive

After these steps, you can repair your usb pen drive without data loss.

Video - how to format usb ntfs from raw

Why usb flash drive warns you need to format disk before you can use

You may be confused why your USB flash drive warns you need to format disk before you can use it when you insert your usb flash drive to your computer, And it was worked well last time you used it. What’s wrong with it?

When your usb flash drive reports that it needs to be formatted, it means that your usb thumb drive get corrupted, there are so many reasons which can make your usb flash drive corrupted, such like virus infection, abrupt unplug your usb flash drive without safe ejection, interrupt the format process, internal files get corrupted, improper operation on your usb drive, etc. If you ever did that on your usb pen drive, your device may get corrupted and turns to raw, which means a file system with no format, and the space becomes to 0 bytes, so, all your data on the usb pen drive has gone.

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