Format RAW SD Memory Card with CMD or RAW Format Tool


How to format raw sd using command prompt? This article introduces the method to format your corrupted sd card to fat32 with command line together with a format tool free of charge.

"How do I format my sd card which is in raw file system? Yesterday my SD memory card showed on my computer as a raw drive, and my computer asked me to format it, I wonder if can format my RAW SD card using CMD, what are the steps to recover RAW SD card to fat 32?"

Last week, I received a message like this, to answer this question well, I wrote this article, you can find the easiest and most useful resolutions for RAW SD memory card recovery and format.

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Format raw memory card to fat 32 with cmd

Fat 32 is a common file system mostly used by windows users, sometimes, if the file system is formatted or become unknown file system, it will shown as RAW file system, we also called this RAW Drive problem. If you want to continue to use the device, you need to change the file system to fat32. So, how to fix raw sd card using cmd?

format sd card fat32

You can follow these steps to complete it.

Step1: Run CMD.

Step2: Type“format F: /fs:fat32”(F is the drive letter of your RAW SD memory card)


This format action will erase all your data on the SD memory card. If you have important data on your SD card, you’d better recover them first.

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Is it possible to format raw sd card without losing data?

Format is a reset action on the partition which will erase all the data on it, so if you format your RAW SD card, you need to make sure there is no needed data on it, if you want to keep your data safe, you'd better restore your them first.

You can use a data recovery tool to restore your data on the RAW SD card, that is the only way to fix raw sd card without losing data. You need to choose a reliable data recovery software which is read-only and with no malware, such as iCare Data Recovery.

Instructions of recovering data

Free SD Memory Card Recovery -100% Safe

Step 1: Download the data recovery tool, install and choose Deep Scan Recovery mode.

select mode

Step 2: Choose your micro sd card to scan.

select drive

Step 3: Save the data onto another storage drive such as the computer hard disk partition.

save data

Windows was unable to complete the format

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Most of the raw drive may meet another problem: Windows was unable to complete the format.

When you right click your device, and choose to format, your computer reports that it failed to complete the format process, if this problem happens, you can not format your RAW SD card just by your computer command, your raw sd card won’t format, you need a professional raw sd card format tool.

Format raw sd with a raw format tool

A professional format tool can help you fix raw sd card, and complete all the format work which windows failed to complete.

You can download a formatter which is safe and effective, you can download here

After these steps, you can fix your raw sd card to fat32.

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