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Currently there is only email support available. We promise to reply your email in 24 hours. When contacting Technical Support, please help us by including the name, version no. and the problem in details.


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There is help document built in the software, and you can access it by clicking the "Help" button within the program.

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Online help document of iCare Data Recovery can be viewed here

iCare Data Recovery Help PDF file

Frequent Asked Questions

Q: The restored files are not openable?

A: If files can be previewed in the trial, it would be restored sound. However as data recovery is complicated since Windows would write data when opening or shutting down system, some of your lost files may have become corrupted. We recommend you try every recovery option provided by iCare.

Q: The license code does not work:

A: Please do not copy extra space in front or after the code which may lead to activation failure. Please note that sometimes it takes two or three minuts for the program to get activated. If it still does not work, please email support to get help.

Q: How to register iCare Data Recovery Standard?

A: You may follow the guide here to active iCare Data Recovery.

Q: Can I install the program on a USB drive?

A: Yes, you can install it on a usb drive from a PC but the program will only work on the PC where you install it on a usb drive.

Q: Can I restore the lost file to system partition or desktop?

A: It is highly recommended that you not save the file on system partition.

Q: Bad MBR or system not bootable, how can i restore files?

A: Connect your bad disk to another PC and run iCare Software to restore files.

Q: The demo finds my files but the full version cannot recognize my storage device?

A: Please do not download the program and install it again after purchase. The download link provided in Regnow is older version, please omit it. You can active the demo by the purchased code and you don't have to reinstall the program.

Q: The program hangs on there where it was trying to build lost files trees?

A: Please understand it takes hours for building lost file trees if your files are huge. We are 100% sure it will pass, and your patience is highly appriciated.

Q: The trail found my files, does it mean my files can be restored?

A: Yes, if lost files are found in demo, it proves that this program is able to restore your lost files and you need to purchase a code to active this program and then you can save lost files.

Other Frequent Asked Questions

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