Get Paid ($10 - $200) by Recommending iCare Software

Be free to share iCare Recovery software online and get paid from US$10 to US$200 depending on your rank.

#One - Make a video guide on Youtube or Other Video Website

  • Record the way you use iCare and show users how this program worked
  • Publish the video online on Youtube or other online media
  • Add a link in the description to our website

#Two - review/Tutorial about iCare Recovery Software

Write a story, howto guide, or review article about iCare Recovery software (no matter the free or pro version), and publish it on your blog/website or any other third party host site.

  • How iCare Recovery worked in the case
  • Include our website address in your article (Required, do follow link)

Youtube/Video Price: US$10 to $200 according to the following

  • Youtube/Social followers within 1K => $10
  • Youtube/Social followers 1K-10K => $20
  • Youtube/Social followers 10K - 50K => $20-30
  • Youtube/Social followers 50K - 100K => $30-$50
  • Youtube/Social followers over 100K => $50 - $200

Blog/Website Price:

  • Article 500 -1000 words, do follow link to => $10
  • Article over 1000 words +$5
  • Website traffic over 10K-50K per month +$5
  • Website traffic over 50K-100K per month +($5-$150)
  • Or email us your price

Please email us the address of your video/review/blog tutorial to and tell us how much do you charge for a review/recommend.

Payment Method: PAYPAL

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