Three Ways to Get iCare Data Recovery Pro One Year License for FREE

Here are three ways to get iCare Data Recovery Pro Home Edition One Year License for FREE.

#One - email us your story, post your successful story on our Facebook Wall, share iCare Recovery website on your facebook

  • post your story and how iCare Data Recovery worked for you on iCare Recovery Facebook Wall;
  • share iCare Recovery website with your story on your own facebook page;
  • Send us your story and give us permisson to use your words as satisfied users. (Please include the following words in your email : I hereby give permission to iCare Recovery to use my words as a satisfied user. )

- updated on August 30, 2016

Our facebook page is

Here is a snapshot that could represents how you could get a license code for free by emailing us the following info:

user feedback

What you need to include in your email:

Your story with your storage media; whether Care Data Recovery Pro worked for your case; a photo that represents your recommendation of iCare Data Recovery together with our website address on your FACEBOOK.

To request a free code of iCare Data Recovery Pro, please post your success with iCare Recovery on our Facebook Wall and email us the above info to

#Two - review iCare Data Recovery on your personal website/blog with howto tutorial

Here are some points that you need to include in the review

  • Your story of data loss
  • How iCare Data Recovery worked in your case
  • Our website address in your article

To request a free code of iCare Data Recovery Pro, please email us the url of your review to

# Three - Youtube Video Tutorial of using iCare Data Recovery to your Youtube Channel

You may get a free code of iCare Data Recovery Pro if you could create a video to teach users how to use iCare Data Recovery Pro and include our web address in the video description. And then upload your video to the youtube channel that you own.

To request a free code of iCare Data Recovery Pro, please email us the youtube address to

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