FAQs about Using iCare Data Recovery

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1. Cannot preview files or some files appear as messy code?

Firstly, you can only preview found images and office files. So far, the software does not support to preview video files, audio files, etc. If the file appears as messy code when you attempt to preview it, probably the file is corrupted since it has been overwritten or damaged by virus infection.

2. Files do not show original name?

Some users say that the files do not show original name after scanning. It is very inconvenient to find the file they need because the filenames have been changed. The reason for this problem is that the scanning is not completed. Many users do not wait patiently before the scanning is finished automatically. They would like to cancel the scanning in the process in order to save time. If so, they may still find all lost files they need, but the found files do not show original name. It is necessary to wait patiently before scanning is over in order to find all files with original filename.

3. Cannot open recovered files?

In most cases, you can open all files after recovering them to a different drive. However, if the files got corrupted due to virus attack or other reasons, you may be unable to open them.

4. What to do when iCare Data Recovery Pro does not detect your storage device?

  • Try all scan modes one by one to see which one of them can show your connected storage device
  • Close all other apps still running on your PC and try again
  • Reconnect your storage device with a different card reader, adaptor or USB port
  • Try another computer

5. Why to Save All Retrieved Data on another storage device?

Avoid overwriting the original data and lose everything permanent

6. Why does it take many hours to complete the scan?

Usually, iCare Data Recovery is able to complete the scan within a few minutes or dozens of minutes. If it takes more than 10 hours to scan a device, probably the device is damaged or contains too many bad sectors. You can cancel the scanning in this situation.

7. Does this software surely recover all lost information completely?

It depends on different elements, like how much original data is overwritten, how much original data is corrupted already and the original storage device state. The data recovery results vary according to different situations

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