Windows 7 Partition Not Formatted Alert Do You Want to Format It

When Windows computer users receive not formatted alert on disk partition, they may consider formatting the disk partition to fix the not formatted error/raw drive, but the operation of formatting cannot solve the problem thoroughly because it is unable to help with data recovery. On the contrary, formatting can wipe out everything on the disk partition. Therefore, similar question may be asked on how to recover files from formatted disk partition on Windows 7 or can I recover deleted files off Windows 7 partition when it has not formatted error.

Recover Windows 7 Partition Data by iCare Data Recovery

When you cannot access the disk partition when receiving not formatted alert, you may need data recovery software to restore files stored on the partition. You may use iCare Data Recovery, which is specially designed for Windows users to recover various types of files. “Deep Scan Recovery" module of iCare Data Recovery can help you perform a deep scan on the partition which shows not formatted error and enables you to recover almost all files on the partition. You may follow the simple steps below to perform Windows 7 partition data recovery effectively.

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Steps to Recover Windows 7 Partition Data

Step1. Free download and install iCare Data Recovery on Windows 7 partition. Run the software and choose "Deep Scan Recovery" module.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the partition which shows not formatted alert and click "Recover" button.

select drive
Step3. Wait patiently when the software is scanning.

recover files
Step4. Preview the found files after scanning. Then choose the lost files and click "Save Files" button to restore them in batch.

In addition to recover files from Windows when it reports not formatted error, iCare Data Recovery is available for permanently deleted files recovery after emptying recycle bin or formatting hard disk drive.

Windows 7 Partition Shows Not Formatted Message due to Bad Sectors

Windows 7 partition not formatted error can be caused by many reasons, while bad sectors can be a common reason. When a hard disk has bad sectors, system may ask you to format the disk partition to fix the bad sectors. You can run Windows built-in error-checking tool to check and repair the bad sectors on the partition. You may also perform full scan on the disk partition, which can check the bad sectors on the partition. Full format can mark the disk space which has bad sectors as unavailable for data storage. Thus, when you save data to the partition in the future, system will not save the files to the space which has bad sectors. If you want to full format a partition when it has not formatted error, the first thing you should do is to run data recovery software to restore data from disk partition.

Receive Not Formatted Alert after Computer Shuts Down Unexpectedly

Sometimes, computer may shut down automatically without any warning. When you reboot the computer, Windows 7 system pops up a message that you need to format disk in drive before you can use it. This problem seldom happens, so a lot of Windows 7 computer users often feel puzzle when encounter such kind of problem. Probably, the unexpectedly shutting down of your computer leads a system crash or system corrupt. Or it is likely that your computer is infected with virus. Anyway, when receiving not formatted error message on Windows disk partition, you need to run data recovery software like iCare Data Recovery to restore its data no matter why the disk partition shows the error.

Format Partition When Files Are Restored

In order to avoid unexpected data loss, it is often recommended to format the disk partition Windows 7 to fix not formatted error when files have been restored. Usually, you can format the partition in "My Computer" or "Disk Management". This is Windows built-in tool, with which you can format the partition easily. However sometimes, you may receive message like Windows was unable to complete the format. If so, you may need to use professional format tool to format the partition after recovery from formatted partition.

Tip: iCare Data Recovery provides solution for Windows 7 data recovery after formatting the drive that reports not formatted error message before new data is written to the partition.

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