Windows 7 Does Not Recognize My 8GB USB Thumb Drive

Here is a USB thumb drive user who encountered the problem that an 8GB Kingston USB thumb drive cannot be recognized by Windows 7 PC:

"My PC with Windows 7 OS cannot recognize the USB thumb drive when I insert it to the USB port. It is a Kingston 8GB USB thumb drive, which has been used for several years. I have stored lots of files on this USB thumb drive, so I hope somebody who has the similar experience can tell me how to access an unrecognizable USB thumb drive for deleted file recovery off the USB?"

If you also run into the similar problem, you can keep reading this article which offers the solution for unrecognized USB thumb drive data recovery.

Data Recovery Software for Unrecognizable USB Drive Recovery

You may lose lots of important data when PC cannot recognize an 8GB USB thumb drive, but the fortunate thing is that data recovery software can help you recover all types of files even if the USB thumb drive is not recognized by PC. This data recovery software supports to recover data from all kinds of USB thumb drive including Kingston on Windows 7 operating system and other Windows OS. With this software, you can perform photo recovery, video recovery, audio file recovery and more.

Steps to Recover Data from USB Thumb Drive

download usb recovery software

Step1.Plug the USB thumb drive to your computer. Download, install and run the data recovery software. Then, you need to select a recovery module.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the USB thumb drive so that the software can scan. You only need to wait when the software is scanning.

select drive
Step3. Preview the found files after scanning. Then, select the files you need and recover them.

recover files

download usb recovery software

USB Thumb Drive Cannot Be Recognized due to Hardware Issue

A possible reason why USB thumb drive is not recognized by PC is that there is a hardware issue with the USB port of the computer. Therefore, when you find that PC cannot recognize your USB thumb drive, the first thing you need to do is to unplug the USB thumb drive and reconnect it to another USB port on your PC. You can also try to connect the USB thumb drive to another PC if possible. If it is hardware issue that leads your USB thumb drive to not be recognized by PC, problem can be solved easily by connecting the USB thumb drive to another computer or USB port.

USB Thumb Drive Is Not Recognized due to Other Reasons

Apart from hardware issue, PC will fail to recognize a USB thumb drive due to many other reasons. For example, the USB thumb drive is corrupted due to virus infection, bad sectors or improper operation. Even worse, the USB thumb drive is physically damaged. No matter what the reason is, the most terrible thing is that you cannot access the USB thumb drive if it cannot be recognized normally. Therefore, you need to look for other way to undelete files from the USB thumb drive without accessing it.

Possibility for USB Thumb Drive Data Recovery

If PC cannot recognize your USB thumb drive due to bad sector, virus attack, file system changed to raw etc, you have a good chance to restore files on the USB drive as long as it is not overwritten. Since you cannot access the USB thumb drive, third-party data recovery software is needed with which you can perform deep scan on the USB device so as to search for files on the drive. You just need to connect your USB thumb drive to PC and the data recovery software can detect the device even if it cannot be recognized by PC.

If the USB thumb drive is physically damaged, unfortunately files on it might be unrecoverable. In this situation, you need to repair the USB thumb drive first of all. Data recovery software is only available on condition that the USB thumb drive is not physically damaged and data on the drive is not overwritten.

If you meet similar data loss problem on SD card, you can follow the guide above and download the data recovery software, which enables you to recover deleted photos from SD card, recover formatted SD card and recover files when SD card is not readable.

You can use iCare Data Recovery for data recovery from thumb drive in other data loss situations, such as Windows 7 format recovery from thumb drive, deleted files recovery from USB drive, etc.

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