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Transcend TF Card Is Not Accessible / Readable

"Hello, please help me because I cannot access my 4GB Transcend TF card. I connected my Transcend TF card to my laptop via a card reader and transferred some data to the memory card. When the data transferring was completed, I clicked the Safe to remove hardware but it got a message to say the device cannot be stopped right now. I have tried several times but always got the same message, so I eject out the TF card off my laptop without safely removing it. Just now, when I reconnected the Transcend TF card to my laptop, I found that I cannot access the card anymore. It says disk drive is not accessible, but I still have lots of important data stored on the card. Please help me get back all files stored inside the inaccessible Transcend TF card."

Solution - Recover Data from Inaccessible Transcend TF Card

Please do not panic even if your Transcend TF card is not accessible or readable. At least, your camera or computer can still detect the card. In this situation, what you need is to use a read-only data recovery software. Your Transcend TF card might become inaccessible due to many reasons, but the read-only data recovery software - iCare Data Recovery has the ability to recover data from any inaccessible memory card as long as the card is not physically damaged and data stored inside the card is not overwritten. Therefore, in order to protect your card from suffering any physical damage or being overwritten, you should stop using the card once you find that your card is not accessible. The data recovery software can work under Windows platform to help restore different types of files from not only Sony TF card but also other brands of memory card.

Steps to Recover Files When Transcend TF Card Is Not Readable

download usb recovery software

Step1. Insert the Transcend TF card to your computer. Then, you can download and install the data recovery software to your computer. Launch the software and choose a recovery module.

select recovery
Step2. Choose the Transcend TF card so that the software can scan. You just need to wait when the software is scanning.

select drive
Step3. You are allowed to preview the found files like images, excel files, word files, etc. Then, you can select all files lost from the TF card and save them to a different storage media.

recover files

download usb recovery software

Why Should You Stop Using TF Card When It Is Unreadable?

When the TF card becomes unreadable, most people will try to look for a method to fix the error because they often believe that data will be restored as long as they can access the card normally. Therefore, they cannot understand why they should stop using the card. As a matter of fact, although the TF card is unreadable, original data still remain intact on the card. There are two reasons why you should stop using the TF card when it is inaccessible:
1. To avoid overwriting the data stored on the TF card
2. To protect the card from suffering physical damage

Error Messages on Inaccessible TF Card

When the TF card is not accessible or readable, people might receive different error messages. Here are some (but not all) error messages you may receive when your Transcend TF card is inaccessible or unreadable:
1. TF card is not accessible. Access is denied
One possible message you may receive is that TF card is not accessible, access is denied. When you receive such an error message, the data recovery software is available to help you restore those inaccessible files from the card.
2. TF card is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
When you get this error message, probably the file inside the card might be corrupted.
3. TF card is not formatted do you want to format it now?
If you receive message that TF card needs to be formatted, probably the file system of the card has changed to RAW file system. In this situation, the best solution is to stop using the card to avoid causing unexpected data loss.
4. More other error messages
What mentioned above are some common error messages you may receive when your Transcend TF card is not accessible. As a matter of fact, you may get some other error messages when the card is inaccessible or unreadable.

Similar Issue on Other Memory Card

There are different types of memory card such as TF card (micro SD card0, SD card, mini SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, MMC card, CF card and XD card, etc. Although each type of memory card has some difference in performance and capacity, they have the similar function which provides convenient way for data storage. If you meet the similar problem on other types of memory card, the read-only data recovery software can function well on data recovery from any type of memory card. For instance, you can:

>> Recover videos after deleting from SD card
>> Restore files from formatted memory card / stick
>> Retrieve data when SD memory card is not formatted and has RAW format

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