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Recover Images from Formatted XD Picture Card

"I need some help because I wrongly reformat my XD picture card which contains thousands of precious pictures. I want to know if I can restore those pictures from the formatted XD card. What should I do in order to recover them? Can anybody give me some advice to recover deleted photos after format XD memory card?"

"I am looking for a data recovery utility to recover files from my Olympus XD card because I formatted the card by accident. I have searched online for several hours, but I have not found any useful solution. Can you recommend a reliable and useful data recovery tool with which I can unformat the XD card and retrieve photos for free?"

Formatted XD Card Photo Recovery

You may format an XD card in many situations. As you know, data will be erased immediately after formatting, but it doesn't erase everything completely and permanently. Therefore, you can use a data recovery program to restore lost files off formatted XD card. The data recovery program can help restore any type of files including images off a formatted XD card. You can recover images like JPEG, GIF, TIF, RAW, PNG, BMP, etc off different brands of XD picture card such as FujiFilm and Olympus after formatting by mistake or other reasons. You can follow the steps below to recover images off XD card after formatting.

Steps to Restore Photos from XD Card after Format

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Step1. Connect the XD picture cared to your computer. Download and install the data recovery program to your computer. Launch the program on the computer and choose a recovery module.

select recovery
Step2.  Choose the XD card as aim disk so that the software can scan lost files. You just need to wait when the program is scanning.

select drive
Step3. You can preview the found photos after scanning. Then, you can choose all needed photos and save them to another storage media rather than the original XD card.

recover files

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Retrieve Olympus XD Card after Format

Olympus XD picture card, namely the XD card manufactured by Olympus Corporation, is often used in digital camera like Olympus. You can use the Olympus XD card to save different types of images and videos and more. However, you may lose all files stored on your Olympus XD card due to a mistaken formatting. If you accidentally format your XD card on your camera, the first thing you should do is to stop using the card, especially you had better not write any file to the formatted card before recovering the data you need. Then, you can rely on the data recovery program to unformat the XD card and get back lost images and other types of files.

FujiFilm XD Picture Card Formatted by Mistake

FujiFilm XD card is another popular brand of XD, which is manufactured by FujiFilm Corporation. FujiFilm XD card is also widely used in digital camera, which can be used to store different kinds of files. If you mistakenly format your FujiFilm XD picture card, you can also employ the read-only data recovery program to perform data recovery. As mentioned above, the most important thing for formatted XD card data recovery is that you cannot write new data to the formatted card, because new added data may overwrite the lost files and make them unrecoverable.

Reasons for XD Card Formatting

You can format an XD card in many reasons. Here are some possible reasons why you format your XD card:

1. Formatting XD card by mistake
Mistaken formatting is a common reason for XD card data loss. Probably, you are viewing pictures on your XD card, but mistakenly you press the wrong button and format the XD card. Data lost due to mistaken formatting can be restored easily by using the memory card data recovery program as long you do not write new data to the formatted card.

2. XD card has not formatted error and turns to RAW file system
Are you unable to access your XD picture card because it shows card not formatted error and changes its file system to RAW? You may receive such kind of error message when you attempt to access files on your XD card in digital camera. You may also receive the similar error message when you connect the card to your computer and try to open the card. Whatever, are you wondering what to do when receiving the unformatted error message? Well, for such kind of error, the first thing you need to do is not to forma the card to fix not formatted error, but you should run the data recovery program to extract all files off the unformatted XD card. You can format the unformatted card when data is recovered successfully.

3. XD card is attacked by virus
Will you format your XD card when it is infected with virus? As a matter of fact, formatting cannot erase virus completely. If your XD card is attacked by virus, you had better run anti-virus software rather than formatting the card.

You may meet the similar data loss problem on your micro SD card, in which situation you can also use iCare Data Recovery software. The software enables you to recover files after formatting micro SD card by mistake or when micro SD card needs to be reformatted.

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